Free Switch/spey/scandi/Skagit Clinic Fly Fishing – Denver Fly Shop

Free Switch/spey/scandi/Skagit Clinic Fly Fishing – Denver Fly Shop

April 2nd & 3rd: “Switching to Switch”
All the Basics of Switch & Spey 
Sat: Classroom portion discussing the differences between rods, lines, switch, spey, Scandi & Skagit styles of casting.
Sun: On the water switch/spey casting clinic.
Minturn Anglers – Denver Shop
4/2: Saturday Free Classroom Portion 10-11AM
switch wiper
4/2/10: Wiper on a switch rod
Minturn Anglers guide crew will be breaking down and simplifying the often overly complicated, foreign style of fly fishing we call “switch or spey.”  He will be discussing ways in which this style of casting and fishing is EXTREMELY useful on Colorado trout streams, lakes, and for targeting warm water species.Points to Be Discussed
-What it is…fun, easy, efficient, productive!
-How you can utilize these various styles with your current 9ft single handed rod.
-Switch Casting
-Traditional Spey
-Scandinavian Style (Scandi)
-Skagit Style (Pacific Northwest)Reviews
Rods: Single Handed, Switch Rods, and Two Handed Rods
Switch Lines, Spey Lines, Scandi Heads, Skagit Heads

Also Focusing on Rio’s Versi Leaders, and the revolutionary NEW MOW TIPS!

4/3: Sunday Free on the River Casting Portion 12-4PM

Sunday we will be leaving the shop at 12PM and heading out to some local water to practice and learn basic switch and spey casts.  We will bring as many of these rods as we can, but your standard set-up will work for the this as well.  If you would like to get set-up with a line, rod, reel (or all the above) come before 12 or talk to us on Saturday and we will be happy to help you.  For those fishing with us on the Reef in April or May….we urge you to attend!  What You Will Learn
Switch Casting
Single Spey
Circle Spey
(probably more but those casts for sure)Please call 720-933-0561 to RSVP.

Minturn Anglers NEW Website!!!
new site

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We still need your help to make it even better!  log-in and register to the forum and post questions and comments on our videos, blogs and fishing reports. $50 gift certificate to the first customer to reach 50 quality posts! (“cool video” doesn’t count)


Local Businesses to Support in Parker, CO
 Be sure to check out our new blog post HERE featuring our favorite Parker based businesses.  If you want to be added, give us a call and we’d love to include you! We are running a wade trip special in April that includes a $25 gift certificate to one of our favorite local businesses!
Grey Reef Float Special!

Dates Still Available   

April: 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 21

May: 5

If you would still like to book a day on the Reef that the expert is booked on, we can still get you out on the water with one of St. Pete’s senior guides.

The $350 price for trips in April ends 3/31/   After that, April trips jump to $375 and May trips are still $400.

Free Lodging!

He will be staying at his Grandmother’s home in Casper and she would love a few more mouths to feed!  If you would like to stay with us please let us know!

Other Lodging Options
Sloan’s Cabins on the River

Other Hotels in Casper

Trip Details

What’s Included

-Flies, leader, tippet, sinking lines, rods and all the equipment you will need to for the day.
-Fish, and lots of them.  No fish money back guarantee! More importantly, you will learn how and where to fish this river on your own for future trips.

What To Bring

The Reef is big fish/big water type fishing.  Leave your 4-5wt. rods at home and bring your 6-8wts.  Bring clothing for different weather conditions and a WY fishing license.

Grey Reef Fly Tying Videos
Pine Squirrel Leach
Purple Back Scud
Vanilla Bugger
Grey Reef Annelid
Social Media Connections!
I am very excited about the next two months on Grey Reef.  This is where I learned how to fly fish at a very young age and the river holds a special place in my heart.  I look forward to sharing everything I have learned about this amazing trout fishery with you!
Minturn Anglers

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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