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Vail Valley Fishing Reports 

47033- Vail Valley Fishing Reports
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Eagle River
The winter is in full effect up on the mighty eagle right now but don’t let the ski traffic scare you away from fishing up here. With a few warm days recently we are seeing a fair amount of open water from Avon down and you won’t see a soul fishing so you can take your pick of pretty much any hole. Use a small worm or an egg as an attractor and then get midgy with it. Small black midges in a #20-#24 should be the money flies and if you see some fish rising try swinging some smaller soft hackles like a Staring Softie in #21 or #23 and see what doesnt tug on your line! The best window to fish is gonna be that 12-4 p.m window so don’t feel the need to get up the mountain super early. Give that sun some time to warm the water up!
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Colorado River

The Roaring Fork is a solid option for fishing all winter long but right now it is on fire!!! Fishing has been super productive and it docent seem to be slowing down. Midges are gonna be at the top of the menu and if you ask me for some reason Red is the color on that stretch of river. #20- #24 Rojo Midges or Red WD-40’s will prove super productive for you. Try leading with a larger size sot hackle Pheasant Tail or Guides Choice Hares ear and don’t be afraid to load up as much weight as you can. You gotta get deep to find these fish!


Blue River
As with most of the water around the state the Blue is low and clear but again, as with most water around the state the fishing is holding strong. Fishing through Silverthorn is gonna be small midges with a little bit of a BWO hatch popping off if the clouds roll in or the temperatures drops. If you aren’t getting them to eat try going down in bug size and worst case down a size in tippet as well if they are still being picky after the fly swap. The pressure has been pretty minimal as far as The Blue goes so don’t kill yourself waking up super early. The fishing hasn’t been heating up until later in the morning anyways so sleep in if you want and shoot up to the river around 9:30 or 10:00,

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47033-BOGO is BACK!!!


The most popular Winter trip in the Vail Valley is BACK
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Front Range Fishing Reports

47033-Front Range Fishing Reports
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The Arkansas Tailwater at Pueblo 

It’s not secret that when Winter finally hits and the temperature starts to drop Pueblo is a pretty safe bet to find some warmer air temps and some active fish. While the pressure can get a little thick it’s certainly still worth the drive considering you can throw dries in late December! I like the stretch of river right below the dam as you tend to find some bigger fish hanging out. Midges are your best bet for the morning hours. Run a dry dropper rig with some kind of #18 or #20 Parachute Adams or Black Vis-a-Dun Baetis with a smaller Miracle Midge #20 or #22 trailing 14-16 inches behind your 
dry. As the day progresses you’ll see the bugs get a little larger and the fish move a little deeper. The afternoon seemed to be more productive on the nymph. For attractors try throwing some #14 or #16 Psycho Prince Nymphs with smaller baetis patterns in tow. #18 Purple Juju Baetis are killer all Winter long!

The weather outside is frightful but the fishing is so delightful. Deckers has been a real treat this winter and we just got a little bump in flows which is adding to the fun down on the South Platte. Flows are up just above 100 but the clarity has stayed pretty clear despite the bump so you’re still going to need a stealthy approach as your walk the river. San Juans are gonna be your best bet as a lead fly, Red has been my money color with my favorite midge pattern dropped 14 or so inches off the back. Top Secrets and Medallion Midges are both golden standards for the Winter down south. Early morning you’ll see fish hanging in the surface film eating emergers and your best bet is gonna be an unweighted nymph rig or a dry dropper. Once the sun hits the water the fish will start moving into the deeper runs and it’s gonna be real weight game. Adjust your depth and speed as much as your have to because these fish aren’t too keen on moving to eat. Hit em on the nose!
Cheeseman Canyon 

It’s almost spooky hiking into the Canyon this time of year. It’s rare to see a soul and the feeling of isolation just adds to a great day of fishing. While it can be a tricky game to play in the Winter time don’t let that scare you away. The bugs you’ll see working are going to be very similar to that you’d throw at Deckers but just scaled down one or two more sizes. Take great care to watch that indicator like a hawk because the indications are super light and again the fish aren’t moving much so you’re gonna have to work to find the right part of the water Column. The only addition to the Menu up in the canyon would be some small stonefly imitation as a lead fly in place of the sanjuan worm. 

Minturn Anglers Holiday Party 

47033-Minturn Anglers Holiday Party


December 22nd At The Parker Loaction!!!
That’s right! The time has come again for the Minturn Anglers holiday extravaganza!!! We love this time of year because we get to give thanks to all of our amazing customers and have some fun in the process. The festivities kick off at 6:00 p.m and we will be providing all the beer and delicious food you could ask for!
This year we are also holding a Picture contest and giving away some sweet prizes to the winners! We are looking for your
 best Rainbow picture, Best Brown, Best high county trout, best warm water fish, and best fish flop!!! Send your submissions in today to with the subject line x-mas party submission!!!! We will be voting on the winners live at the party!!!!
Come join us in Celebrating another awesome year of Fishing here at Minturn Anglers Parker!!!!



Minturn Anglers weekly fly tying night is a Winter 
tradition guides and customers alike have grown to LOVE
Tying season is upon us and we are starting up our tying nights the first week of November. Minturn will be holding theirs Wednesday nights from 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m at the Minturn shop. 
Parker tying night will be held every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m.-8:00p.m. in the shop. Bring your vise and basic materials with you to the shop and tie some bugs and share some stories. The best way to hone your tying skills is by tying with other guys and gals! I learn something new every week and I love the diversity I see in the group. We have some stellar high school kids and a fair mix of all age groups moving up from there with a few Minturn guides here and there. Come hang out. Have a beer and fill those boxes with us! 

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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