5/22 Brunch Bunch Dirty/High Water Tactics. A lot of BIG news as well!

5/22 Brunch Bunch Dirty/High Water Tactics. A lot of BIG news as well!

Minturn Anglers – Denver & Vail – Caddis Camp 2010
June 14th-30th: 17 Available Dates of Dry Fly Nirvana
$30 OFF Wade Trips, $75 OFF Float Trips, $250 OFF Vail Condo Rental!
Mothers day
CSO Guide Jake McCitrick and a near state record Smallmouth 5/20/2010
Book a trip and get out on Jake’s deluxe flats boat WHILE THE BITE IS STILL HOT!

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5/22: 10-11AM
“Going Big and Dirty in Deckers”
Presented By: Denver Fly Shop
INFO:Tried and true High water tactics for Deckers that will keep you fishing on any day!  As always free breakfast burritos!SUMMER 2010 FREE WEEKEND CLASSES POSTED! VISIT OUR SITE HERE AND CLICK ON “EVENTS” GREY REEF TYING VID’S
Pine Squirrel Leach
“Saltwater” Fishing in Denver???
Mothers day Dear CSO Nation,
This is your chance to go “saltwater style” fishing in Denver. All trips are
done in either a Bass Tracker 17 ft. bass boat or a fully loaded Mako
flats boat with a polling platform.  The fishing has been on fire in
the last few days!

Boat Fishing Warm Water Rates
-Fish-A-Long: $115.00
-Half Day 1 Person: $195
-Half Day 2+ Person: $125/person
-Full Day 1 Person: $315
-Full Day 2+ Person: $350

If you would really like to improve your skills for that next saltwater trip, then this is it. If the salt is out of the budget, then you don’t need to travel to Key West to jump aboard a flats boat.  Chasing wiper, bass and carp takes time and persistence much like Saltwater fishing.  After a season of this, you will be a better caster, and better all around angler.  Catching trout will seam like a walk in the park!

New Product offering SPECIAL: $15 Store Credit  for orders of $50 or more form Patagonia or Outcast! Orders must be received by June 1st!
Mothers day

Minturn Anglers is pleased to announce the addition of Patagonia to our store.  This phenomenal company will round out our store by filling the gap we have in performance outer wear.   Visit Patagonia at www.patagonia.com

outcast logo
We are now a dealer of Outcast Boats!  For those looking for a new float tube, single person pontoon, or full loaded raft, float tube fins, or any other boat related item Outcast has it!  Visit their website at www.outcastboats.com and place your order!


What’s Hot and What’s Not

Hotlist: Aurora Reservoir, Quincy, Spinney, Deckers and Cheesman.

The warm water seen has FINALLY turned on in the Denver area.  This week we caught several wiper at Bingham and we saw HUGE WIPER cruising the shallows at Aurora.  Minturn Anglers guide Jake McCitrick landed a near state record smallmouth yesterday at Aurora while fishing for wiper.  Trout fishing has also been phenomenal! rod fee, guide, all equipment, lunch,and amazing fishing! Deckers and Cheesman are fishing well from Deckers Bridge up.  The caddis are thick and fish are bound to start rising on them in the next few days.

Deckers bridge down remains vulnerable to Horse Creek run off and heavy rain.  Don’t write it of just yet!  We fished yesterday in what most would call unfishable water and managed to fool a few on the big ugly stuff!


2010 Vail Valley Caddis Camp!
Minturn Anglers guide Jeff Lyon will be joining us to help host the 2010 Caddis
Camp as the wade fishing specialist. By setting up camp we are better
able to  keep a constant grasp on the
hatch movement, and subtle changes that do occur through it. If you can
find a way to work it in your schedule now, I am more than willing to back row you until my hands bleed!


June 14th-30th: 17 Available Dates of Dry Fly Nirvana
$30 OFF Wade Trips, $75 OFF Float Trips, $250 OFF Vail Condo Rental!



We look forward to a great spring and summer of fishing.  Make sure to stop in before you head out for the weekend. If you have any questions on fly selection, where to go, or anything else we will be glad to help.  We are here to be a resource of info to help you grow in fly fishing!
Minturn Anglers

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Every Wednesday join us for Hump Day tying and Fishing Night!  10% off flies and tying material from 6-7PM!I

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It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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