8/28 Free Saturday Presentation: Fishing Tricos

8/28 Free Saturday Presentation: Fishing Tricos

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Brunch Bunch: Saturday 8/28/10
Fishing Tricos
Presented by James Spicer.
As always free breakfast burritos for those in attendance.  Call ahead so we know how much food to have! 720-851-4665.In our first  free Saturday morning Brunch Bunch seminar to kick off the fall,  James will be discussing the details of fishing tricos on our local waters.  As always free breakfast burritos!  10-11AM.
Next Saturday: 9/4/10
Fly Fishing Patagonia
Presented By: Roberto PandolfiWe are very pleased to announce that we will be having an international guest. Roberto Pandolfi is the head guide and manager of Rio Manso Lodge in Argentina’s Patagonia Country.  Roberto will be sharing information on fishing Patagonia,www.riomansolodge.com

Mothers day
FOAMULATOR: Available in Olive, Black, Gold
What could be better??? Combines the stimulator with the floating and skating properties of foam
Mothers day
The ultimate dry dropper solution.  It’s a thing-a-ma-bobber that the fish WILL EAT!
Mothers day
FOAM PMX:  Floats higher and longer, more fish attracting leg movement. A must have fly!
BC Hopper
BC HOPPER:  A collaborative effort to form the perfect hopper between two of the world’s best tiers John Barr and Charlie Craven.
PERSUADER: A picture cannot do this fly justice.  An absolute must have for the South Platte.
8/28 Brunch Bunch: Tricos
This Saturday our very own James Spicer will be doing a presentation on fishing tricos that will help you have more success fishing this often frustrating hatch known as the “black curse.”  James loves fishing small dry flies and will share video in his slide presentation to better illustrate the tactics he will be discussing.This Month’s Dry Fly Eats
We have been throwing a lot of hoppers and Tricos this month on guided trips.  If you would like to improve your dry fly fishing give us a call and set up a trip.  Please specify that you would like to improve your dry fly skills so we can tailor your day for dries.  720-851-4665.
12 year old Justin did a great job feeding the foam PMX to this 18″ Deckers Rainbow against the bank.Mike Minch
8/26: Today we floated the Colorado with Mike Minch of Denver, CO.  This healthy male brown came on the one and only Amy’s Ant.  Perfect hopper rise along the bank!
Weekly Fishing Report
The water in the South Platte has cleared dramatically this past week and flows are once again at a normal August level. As a result of the clear and low water, fish are starting to look for the smaller offerings.  PT’s, RS2, Killer Mayfly, BTS, and other small mayfly nymphs.  Fish these under a small golden stone in 12-14.   Both the above mentioned flies under a hopper in a dry dropper set up is working well.The hoppers are definitely out and about and fish are starting to look for them.  The key with hopper fishing is covering water.  Casting to one spot for more than three tosses is wasted energy.  Keep moving up the banks.  Also concentrate your efforts more in the hot afternoon hours.  This is when the hopper activity is at it’s highest.  Windy afternoons also help to blow the hoppers off the edge and onto the water. As shown in the picture above, don’t worry about a delicate landing with a hopper.  We have found the hard the hopper pattern hits the water the better.  For more specifics on fishing hoppers swing into the shop and we would be happy to go over the ins and outs of various skating methods that have proven productive this past week.The minturn also fished well today with fish eating both hoppers and nymphs.  If your floating nymph on the run and get out and fish dries along likely banks.Lower blue on Tuesday was fair.  Lots of bugs out but sporadic rises.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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