Advanced Nymphing Class with Duane Redford

Advanced Nymphing Class with Duane Redford

Advanced Nymphing Class!!

Hidy Ho Good Neighbors,

Wanna get better at nymph fly fishing fast?  Want to get to the next level in a day?  For those of you that nodded in affirmation to the last two questions, there is soon going to be an opportunity to take your nymph fly fishing game to the next level.  I plan to teach a one day seminar on Advanced Nymphing, and the class is limited to six anglers.  This class is going to fill quickly so get on the horn and book your spot today.

This class will be moderately priced at $150 a fly rod. Groups of two or more will get a discount price, so grab a buddy.  It will consist of three hours classroom instruction followed by a solid three hours on the river applying what you learned.  Lunch will be served (grilled burgers or brats) between the class and river sessions.

In a class such as this there needs to be a minimum fly fishing knowledge level, because this class will focus on the deeper (no pun) aspects of successful nymphing tactics and processes.  It is designed to teach you what the ten percent that always catch fish are doing right.  You should have a basic knowledge and ability to read the river, tie basic knots, roll and overhand cast, mend and drift, and land your own fish.  If you have any questions about your abilities in comparison to the prerequisites outlined feel free to call the number I will leave below.

The day will focus on:

  • Reading Water for Content
  • The Typical Run and Fish Lies
  • The X-Y-Z grids
  • Mending techniques (pile, stack, pause, stop and go, etc)
  • Finding the Obscurities (sinks, bathtubs, sleeper seams, backwalls, etc)
  • Building your own “Sighter Leader”
  • Customizing your own yarn indicator
  • Off-beat nymphing practices (lifts, swings, upstream, downstream, etc)
  • Blue Collar bug information
  • Mini-rig, Skinny Rig, 3 Bug Inline Rig
  • Depth-Speed-Profile-Color
  • Sight nymphing skills
  • Systematic Approach
  • And much more!

Bring any/all gear you would pack for a day of fly fishing.   We can lend waders and boots if need be.  Your rod choice should be a minimum of a nine foot four weight.


I’m Duane Redford, senior guide and guide manager at Minturn Anglers.   I have written The Fly Fishers Playbook, A Systematic Approach To Nymphing, First and Second Editions, and I’m currently working on my next book, Hidden In Plain View, Recognizing the Obvious and Exploiting the Obscurities in Fly Fishing.  I am lucky enough to travel the country talking about and teaching fly fishing, I’m endorsed by 8 Rivers Fly Rods, HookHead  Apparel, and I’m a signature fly tyer for Montana Fly Company. I look forward to working with you.

It’s best if you call me directly with questions at 303.868.2524 and use my email to book the class –

The class will be Saturday, August 12, at the fly shop in Minturn, and will start at 8am sharp!  I am going to sign the first six folks that email me, and begin a waiting list (or second class list) from there.

Fear No Water!

Duane Redford

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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