This Spring we are pleased to present a very Unique and virtually unexplored fly fishing experience deep in Fremont Canyon where the North Platte river enters Alcova Reservoir.

By now many have experienced Fremont Canyon, but few have seen the inlet where Fremont dumps into Alcova Reservoir. That’s because the only way to get there is to put a powerboat on Alcova Reservoir. From there you will experience a breathtaking and scenic ride three miles up the now lake portion of Fremont Canyon.

What is the Fishing Like?

The fishing is quite honestly like going back in time and seeing what wyoming trout fishing would have been like 100 years ago. There are plenty of fish that have never seen flies and can be caught a number of ways. Nymphing can produce fish on nearly every cast. Streamers can wied out the 18-21 inch fish and allow us to hone in on the big 24+ browns and rinbows. Do you want to see multiple fish try and eat a mouse? This is the place!

Other Fishing Opportunities

Aside from the amazing trout fishing that exists in Fremont Canyon, the inlet area is also a stronghold for trophy walleye as well as big rainbows and browns that like to lurk below the power plant. This is a chance to fish big streamers with a high amount of success. If you want to catch walleye it can be done on the fly or by jigging with conventional ger. We are also not afraid to send you home with a few tasty walleye!


Trip Details & Booking Info

-Half Day Alcova Trips 1-3 Anglers: $350

-Full Day Alcova Trips 1-3 Anglers: $495

Give Us a call at 720-851-4665 and Request guide Ryan Hemkens for the Alcova Canyon Trip. You may also call Ryan directly for more info at 307-267-6650

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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