Barr’s Tungstone

Barr’s Tungstone

John Barr Fly Tying Book : BUY ONLINE!
John Barr Fly Tying Book : BUY ONLINE!

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Barr’s Tungstone Stonefly Nymph
This is yet another awesome fly brought to you from the vice of John Barr.  The Tungstone is heavy, streamlined and sinks very quickly. In the Deckers portion of the South Platte, the Tungstone is a great fly to hang below an Amy’s Ant.  I will often drop a fly to match current hatch trends below the Tungstone on a variety of Colorado trout streams.


Fly Tying Materials List: Click the links in the materials list to order all the materials to tie Barr’s Tungstone Stonefly Nymph.  To order by phone call us at 720-851-4665.



Hook: TMC 2302 #8-14
Thread: UTC 70 Wood Duck
Bead: Gold or Copper Tungsten Beads
Under Body: Lead Wire .15
Tails: Ginger Goose Biots
Flashback: Pearl Lateral Scale pulled over mottled stone thinskin.
Rib: 3x monofilament tippet
Abdomen & Thorax: Ginger Life Cycle Dubbing
Wingpads: Mottled Stone Thinskin
Legs: Brown Hen Neck  Fibers

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