Although comfort and functionality are the most important features of clothes for a Colorado fly fishing trips, that doesn’t mean you leave fashion behind. Don’t settle for whatever is in your closet or a small version of your husband’s fishing clothes. There are clothing lines that are designed specifically for the fisherwoman.

Fly fishing category - Women's wading jackets - Minturn Anglers online fly shopFirst, you have to remember how quickly the weather can change on those Colorado waters. You want to be prepared for the deep chills of the early morning turning into sweltering heat by mid-afternoon. The fashion response is layering. It’s always better to wear two lightweight shirts than one heavy one. Then, you can take off and put on clothes as you go so you are always comfortable.

Make sure you start with a short sleeve tee shirt, then something longer sleeved, topped with a vest, hoodie and/or jacket. You will want to make sure that outer layer has enough pockets to hold everything you need, including extra flies.

Look for breathable, quick drying materials in both shirts and pants. After all, water is part of the sport and you’ll wear your share of it. An actual hooded rain jacket is always a good buy.

Whether you are choosing shorts, pants or fishing capris, try them on and move around just the way you would on the water. You want to have a full range of motion which makes a stretchable fabric a good choice for bottoms. Plenty of pockets with easy access are essential.

Then, there is the casting shirt. Do not just buy a small size of a man’s shirt when there are fashionable, functional shirts designed for the active woman.  A typical style has caped front and back panels for air circulation with roll up sleeves and open pockets. A lightweight polyester blend dries quickly and is fabricated with UPF30 protection from those nasty sun rays.

Don’t forget about all the bugs determined to distract you from your fly fishing passion. Check out long sleeved shirts that have built in insect repellent. They can be washed dozens of times before losing their protection.

Even if your day begins on a misty South Platte or Eagle River, chances are the sun will appear shortly. This means you will need a hat with a brim and a good pair of sunglasses for protection from both the sun and the water’s glare.

Don’t for one minute think you have to forfeit style just because you love fly fishing in those Colorado waters. Begin your research by clicking on the Online Fly Shop  page at or stop by one of the fly shops in Minturn, Denver or Vail to ask the experienced Minturn Anglers staff for their recommendations. Fashion and fly fishing can work together!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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