How To Tie A Blood Knot
In this video  Alvin DeDeaux demonstrates how to tie a Blood Knot. The  blood Knot is a clean and streamlined way to attach leader to tippet and/or tippet to tippet. It is also a stronger and more secure knot in comparison to the Surgeon’s Knot.  However, the disadvantage is it take a little more time, and is extremely difficult to do with cold fingers when fishing in the winter.

Quick Tip: I like to use the blood knot if I am switching from a dry dropper set-up to a standard nymph rig. The reason being is that I can cut off the two fly rig and not have to pass two flies through the loop in a surgeon’s knot.  Just leave about 14 inches of tippet off the front of the fly and adjoin the two flies to your  leader.

Alvin is a good friend of the shop and guide in Texas.  For those seeking guided fly fishing trips and fly casting lessons in Central TX, he is your guy.  Alvin has over over twenty years of Texas Hill Country fly fishing experience  from bass to trout and everything in between.

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