Bobber’s Late December Eagle River Fishing Report 12/28/13

Bobber’s Late December Eagle River Fishing Report 12/28/13

Jean Shaw and a fine Eagle River Brown trout from Saturday December 28th

Powder days followed by warm sunny days make for a well rounded vacation

Our customers have been getting the best of both worlds with great skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek and great fishing on the Eagle River. Blue bird afternoons and warmer temperatures are the forecast for the rest of the week which will help make the fishing even better.

The report I got from a very reliable source was all about the skunking he and his dad took in the spot I had planned for my clients on Saturday. Gave me a touch of heartburn but, the lack of open water options tends to override any lack of guide confidence in late December. We had a couple of trips out on Saturday and both had a great time with lots of fish to the net, just goes to show you what a difference a day makes. Why? Most likely timing and weather. The weather pattern has been pretty steady the past few days, any stabilization in pressure can make Mr Winter Trout easier to figure out. Remember warmer afternoons always help the fishing the next day , try and go on the 3rd or 4th day of a warmer stretch of weather and you will have a better time. Timing may be the most important tip of them all, sleep in, the best bite is the warmest part of the day between 12 and 2.
So for all of you here to ski this week don’t despair, the fishing is great and its setting up to get better. It’s my fault anyways, I always hope for snow to get you all here and then do a dance to make it stop so you go fish, sorry. The Eagle makes for a fine afternoon’s distraction from the chopped up slopes and the boats are ready to go on the Roaring Fork and the Lower Colorado, come have some fun with fly rods!!!


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