Bob’s Big Bird Midge by Bob Streb

Bob’s Big Bird Midge by Bob Streb

Bob’s Big Bird Midge is a variation of his ever-popular Big Bird PMD. This fly is a Colorado guide favorite and features an ultra-realistic biot body and a herl head that moves like crazy in the water. This fly is made of only a few materials and can tied industry style in different colors and sizes. If you have a variation that works great for you, send us your submission! Like all the other flies we post, these flies work great everywhere but specifically the rivers we fish most in Colorado, The Eagle, Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers.

Hook: Tiemco 2488H #20

Thread: Uni 8/0 Lt. Cahill

Body: Partially Stripped Gray Ostrich Herl and Loon UV Clear Fly Finish

Thorax: Red Dubbing

Hackle: Gray Ostrich Herl

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