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BOGO Special | Fishing Reports | Fly Tying Night

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Buy One Get One FREE Private Ranch 3/4 Day Wade Trip

40692-Buy One Get One FREE Private Ranch 3/4 Day Wade Trip
Check out our private water!

Back by popular demand!

You asked, you got it. Back again for another year is the Minturn Anglers Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Private Ranch 3/4 Day fly fishing trip. This is two people on any of our private waters – Sweetwater and Frost Creek for the price of one! This is a $335 DISCOUNT so jump on this while Vail Pass is still snow free! Traveling in a group of 3? Not a problem, $185 gets another person to jump in on the fun. This is an awesome way to get your feet wet with guided fishing trips if you’ve never experienced it or if you have… ya get a rockin’ deal! Our private water is second to none and boasts huge fish that don’t see a lot of flies so jump on this killer deal this Winter before we make it public to the planet – currently exclusive to our email list!   

FLY TYING NIGHT – Next Thursday Nov. 19th! 4pm-8pm – South Platte Flies!
Photo and fly courtesy of the interwebz


Fly Night Night Nov. 19th – South Platte Flies!

Stop on by the Parker location next week for another magical evening of fly tying night. The theme for the week is South Platte flies – whether you fish off of Santa Fe, the town of Deckers or the Dream Stream, we’ve got some killer patterns to tie with ya! If you didn’t make it out for the first one last week, check out the new details!
 This year, we have expanded the hours from 4pm-8pm with the first two hours being dedicated to free form. Fly Tying Happy Hour if you will. 6pm to 8pm consists of tying instruction from a staff member or special guest… and we have a few lined up! Why else should you come on by and join us? Oh I don’t know, maybe just a cooler with libations. Also, how about a special Fly Tying Night Discount for all participants? Minturn Anglers will give a 10% discount for everyone who attends and ties at Fly Tying Night! We will see you at fly tying night every other Thursday starting this week, Nov. 5th 2015!

Vail Valley Fishing Reports 
40692- Vail Valley Fishing Reports
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Eagle River
Snowy snowy days! Not a person on the Eagle River right now yet the fish continue to clobber streamers and nymphs. Fishing has been quite predictable with heavy stoneflies or caddis trailing midges and BWO’s. Bob Streb, head guide has been out a pile and fishing jigs flies like it’s going out of style – more can be read about them here!!! A worm is still producing as well. Layer up and come fish the Eagle River pronto because the fish in this river have forgotten what flies look like over the last few weeks. Let’s reintroduce them!  Needless to say, please don’t walk on/fish over spawning beds. Need a guide? We got em >>>
Gore Creek


It’s officially stealth time, especially with all the snow on the ground. Fish are still there and still eating, but you’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Plan on wearing lighter color jackets/tops to help ya blend in. Small bugs are the ticket as well as small streamers in the right place. Be careful getting to and from the river, slippery boulders fishin’ could really hurt your ski season!


Colorado River 
The Colorado River is down to less than 700cfs but it’s still fishing great from a raft! As the snow continues to come, keep an eye on the roads. If your car can get ya up there… do it! Streamers are fishing great, especially Sculpzillas in Olive and Natural. For bugs, make sure you have a Rubber Legs in the mix with any nymph between 16 and 22 behind it. Pheasant Tails, Barrs Emergers, WD-50’s, Miracle Nymphs especially.   Hire a guide from Minturn Anglers for optimal fishing results

Dream Stream – Ending Soon!

40692-Dream Stream – Ending Soon!
Our man Floyd! From Fishing School to Dream Stream in one Summer!

Great Weather and Great Fishing

The Dream Stream is about done for the year so we can let the fish take care of their business. Book your trip today to get your shot at a brown trout of a lifetime! The fish are only pre-spawn for so long and no one encourages you to fish to spawning fish so get your name in the books as soon as possible for your best shot of holding a big ol fish like the one above. You won’t be disappointed! Book your Dream Stream trip TODAY! 
Bobber Fishing Rehab – Full Day Streamer Exclusive Trip Special!

40692-Bobber Fishing Rehab – Full Day Streamer Exclusive Trip Special!
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“Just Say NO” to Bobbers this Fall
Dump your 6x tippet and bobbers in the trash, this is a fly fishing intervention! We at Minturn Anglers are recovering Bobber Junkies every Fall and we want to help those in need with their bobber addiction. It’s a long road to recovery but we are here to help during the best streamer fishing of the year and this year is especially off the hook!!!
The Bobber Fishing Rehab exclusive for this Fall includes a Full Day Guided Float or Wade Trip, a Minturn Anglers STG 9’6″ 6wt rod,*NEW* Minturn Anglers SS2 sealed drag reel and Scientific Angler fly line.





Streamer Junkie Special


One Person – $849 ($1,200 value)
Two People – $599 per ($915 value)




One Person – $610 ($955 value)
Two People – $515 per ($830 value)


Don’t try and quit the bobber on your own. Bring another friend in need and let us help you both. You can’t go on like this, get help now!
For those who already have the proper equipment needed for recovery……


Streamer Exclusive Trips 
(w/o rod/reel/line)


One Person – $480 

Two People – $240 per

One Person – $325

Two People – $200 per


*Does not include Fishing License, Guide Gratuity or Lunch
Front Range Fishing Reports

40692- Front Range Fishing Reports
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Don’t let a little snow put ya off! Now’s the best time to be fishing at Deckers. Be safe driving there but let the others watch football at home on their couches. Be the diehard in Ball those Simms adverts, and get your butt on the river! Fish are eating a variety of things from caddis larvae to stonefly nymphs to emergers in the column. 20 Inchers, Bead Wing Midges, BLMs, and Spring Creek Geeks have been successful flies but don’t pigeon hole yourself. Think outside the box, get a good drift and expect an eat.
Think accessibility these days on the Front Range. The Creeks are going to be untouched but so is the snow so please be careful. Pick a good spot you can get to without rock climbing, pin a few fish and grab some coffee from the car. The fish will be eating worms, midges and other nymphs subsurface (leave your San Juan dries at home jk). Now is a great time to reintroduce yourself to yarn indicators and small stick-on indicators too.

11 Mile Canyon

With the Dream Stream dwindling, drive the 20 minutes to the canyon for some stellar fishing. There’s been some stellar midge activity blanketing a hidden BWO hatch and the fish are keying in on both. Be mindful of spawning fish while you cross but redds should be fairly obvious as the clarity is like gin. 6X Fluorocarbon is a must down there and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 7x for some of the longer flats also. Barrs Emergers are the hot fly, no questions but that’s basically year round. Flies in a #22 and #24 are getting the pickiest fish to eat too. Did I mention 7x tippet?
Dream Stream 
We’re getting to the point where ya wanna leave those nice browns alone so we can play with their youngin’ in a few years. If you are going to fish there, focus on the deep slow pools for the prespawn fish and leave the riffles alone. Scuds, eggs, beads, leeches and lake chironomids are on the menu these days! The worse the weather it is, the better the fishing so don’t be afraid to brave it.    
SITKA Fall 2015 now available at Minturn Anglers!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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