Buy Your Colorado Small Game License

Buy Your Colorado Small Game License

Acquiring a Small Game License in Colorado means you can take part in some of the most spectacular duck and goose hunting in the United States. From early September to late January, many species of duck migrate through the state in addition to the ones that winter here. During peak migration in the Colorado’s Denver Front Range corridor, more than 600,000 geese move through the area.

Requirements for Buying a Small Game Hunting License

There are a number of requirements to be met when applying for and purchasing a small game license in Colorado:

  • Show secure and verifiable ID, such as a Colorado driver’s license, an out of state photo driver’s license, a US passport, or any of a number of other acceptable documentation as outlined at
  • Provide proof of residency to qualify for Colorado resident fees
  • If born on or after January 1, 1949, must have completed an approved hunter education course and be able to produce the original hunter safety card
  • Purchase a Habitat Stamp, to help conserve wildlife habitats in the State
  • Purchase a Waterfowl Stamp which helps create and maintain wetland habitats

 Colorado Small Game License Costs

There are different costs for residents and non-residents of the state:

  • Resident Colorado Small Game License Cost

Residents who have lived in the state for at least the last six months pay according to the following fee structure:

      • 1 day small game hunting – $11
      • Additional day – $5
      • Small game annual license – $21
      • Habitat Stamp – $10
      • Waterfowl Stamp – $5
      • Youth Under 18  – $1.75
      • Military, 60% disability – free
  • Non-Resident Colorado Small Game License Cost
  • 1 day small game hunting $11
  • Additional day $5
  • Small game annual license $56
  • Habitat Stamp $10
  • Waterfowl Stamp $5
  • Youth Under 18 $1.75

Where to Buy Your License

You can buy your Colorado Small Game License by visiting www.bit/ly/cpwlicensesales or by calling 1-800-244-5613. You can also visit a Colorado Parks and Wildlife office.

However, most hunters find it simpler to drop in to one of the many license agents throughout the state to complete the necessary paperwork in person. This can be done at a sporting goods store or a fly fishing shop such as Minturn Anglers with convenient stores in Denver, Vail and Minturn.

Visit a Minturn Anglers shop, purchase your hunting license, check out the latest information from CPW, update your supplies and gear as needed, and you’ll be ready to enjoy hunting waterfowl in our amazing backyard country!


It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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