Camp Hale/ Homestake Creek Fishing Report | 6/9/2016

Camp Hale/ Homestake Creek Fishing Report | 6/9/2016

Camp Hale/ Homestake Creek Fishing Report 6/9/2016

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With it being peak runoff in the valley, we fled to the high country in search for safer wading conditions and a slower drift. The creek is running higher then normal and is also tinted a bit, to our advantage. Later in the summer, the flows of Homestake Creek are trickling with 100% water visibility, making it tougher to stalk your fish but, right now the conditions are perfect and fishing is hot! I like to fish smaller equipment in the creek, its better suited for avoiding the brush on the banks and makes your smaller brown trout feel like a whale! Give a 7ft 3 wt rod a try and you wont regret it. Today was most productive fishing the undercut banks by nymphing. We consistently caught fish under acamp hale mandy4 strike indicator with 3.5 feet of leader weighted off with #BB Split shot. Fish were eating size #12 Green Pats and “The Worm”, pink and tan San Juan and Shammys.

I had the pleasure of guiding The Jones Family on their first fly-fishing trip today. Everybody caught their first fish on the fly and had the best time! Kim did an amazing job with her casting and presentation and was rewarded with some beautiful native brown trout in the net. We may have missed a couple bites thanks to the distractively beautiful scenery. It was a great day on the water with this awesome family.


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