Cheesman/Deckers Report: May 14, 2011

Cheesman/Deckers Report: May 14, 2011

May 14, 2011
117 CFS
Water Temp:
47 Degrees
Gin Clear

One of our good friends made it into Cheesman yesterday.  Below is his report.

Tough fishing early in the AM. The combination of low flow & gin clear water had the fish spooky. Typical early morning midge patterns like red midge larva and black midges picked up a couple of fish but we earned them.

Fish were sporadically slashing at the surface throughout the day but not actively feeding off the surface. At first I hoped the slashing was telling me the caddis were starting to pop off. Caddis emergers and pupa got me nothing. Finally got 2 to take #20 Renegade so I figured some sort of midge hatch.

The amount of moss on the river bottom and floating was amazing. It seems to have grown in just the last 2 weeks? Perhaps the lower flows have promoted growth. The canyon needs a good flush !

Fishing picked up in the afternoon with grey RS2s being the #1 fly…what else is new? A couple inhaled the RS2 to the back of their tongues. Dirty flies like SJWs, rubber legs and eggs caught occasionally but small BWO nymphs were the ticket as always in the canyon.

Started snowing like crazy around 2:30 and we hiked out…wonder if the BWO hatch started as soon as I left?


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