Chenille Fly Tying Materials | Worms, Wooly Buggers, Streamers

Chenille Fly Tying Materials | Worms, Wooly Buggers, Streamers

Chenille is synonymous to fly tying as fly rod is to fly reel. Chenille is extremely widely used in fly tying for a variety of purposes and species.  The first fly we all learned how to tie will likely involve chenille in either a San Juan worm or wooly bugger. As we progress in fly tying and as fly tying has evolved, chenille finds its place in everything from stonefly nymphs using variegated chenille  to saltwater fly patterns using palmer chenille.

Chenille Fly Tying Products

Holographic Chenille is similar to Holographic Estaz, the Holographic Chenille is made of holographic mylar. It is strong and dense for saltwater flies and streamers.

Palmer Chenille is pearlescent and one-sided. It can be palmered for tails and collars on streamers as well as many other uses.

Pearl Chenille is strong and dense. It is made of pearl mylar and similar to Estaz.

Ice Chenille is a translucent chenille.

Ultra Chenille is denser and more uniform than staandard chenille. All three sizes of ultra chenille are excellent for nymphs and woven body flies. For San Juan Worms use the standard and for Wooly Buggers use the medium.

Midge Sparkle Braid is the midge sized version of our sparkle braid and has a multitude of uses. Use Midge Sparkle Braid for midges, nymphs, caddis pupae, and small streamers.

Sparkle Chenille has a tinsel core that adds shine and flash to the body of the fly.

Variegated Chenille is a shop favorite. You will love the alternating bands of color on the Variegated Chenille. The coffee and black color is our favorite and was widely popularized through it’s use as the body material in the Rubberlegs stonefly nymph.

Rayon Chenille is the original Danville’s chenille.  If you don’t need a super dressy bugger or streamer body on your fly, this is the way to go.

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