Why I Choose a Colorado Fishing Guide From Minturn Anglers

Why I Choose a Colorado Fishing Guide From Minturn Anglers

Denver fishing Guide serviceWhen I first started fishing Colorado waters, I was often overwhelmed when making a decision about where to fish. There are more than 6,000 miles of super rivers and streams and around 2,000 lakes and reservoirs to explore. Many of these waters offer Gold Medal and trophy fishing. Where to start?

And then there are all the questions about access to public waters, permissions that might be required, and regulations to be met for different waters. Where do I find out about the current hatches on specific waters, which fly pattern will work best, and where exactly I can locate those trophy trout? Can I access private waters? Do I need extra equipment or gear?

My recommendations for maximizing your Colorado fishing experience begin with booking a Minturn Anglers fishing guide from one of their shops in Denver, Minturn or Vail. One of these professional, qualified and experienced guides can help you:

 Find the Best Colorado Fishing Waters

Even if you are familiar to the area and especially if you are new to the state, a Minturn Anglers fishing guide will take you to the best waters and explain the finer points of its different stretches and where to find the biggest fish.

Access Private Waters

For the most exclusive adventure, your Minturn Anglers guide can take you to private waters not open to the public.

Choose the Best Equipment and Clothing

Take the opportunity to try out new gear and clothing from the Minturn Anglers fly shops. Your guide can help you make the right choices for the locale and weather.

Improve Your Fishing Skills

A Minturn Anglers fishing guide works with you to help you read the water, find the fish, choose the right fly and line, make the right casts, and follow through with the proper catch and release techniques.

Have the Most Enjoyable Fishing Experience

Minturn Anglers guides work hard to ensure that even your fist fishing experience is a memorable and productive one.


Make the right start for your next fishing adventure by calling Minturn Anglers today or select Book NOw on any trip page!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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