Why I Choose to Hunt Waterfowl in Colorado with Minturn Anglers Guides

Why I Choose to Hunt Waterfowl in Colorado with Minturn Anglers Guides

Guided hunting Denver front range coloradoTens of thousands of migratory and resident ducks and geese consider the Denver front range of the Colorado home. During migration season, over 600,000 Canada geese migrate through the area, and it is estimated that up to 150,000 spend the winter here. That’s a lot of birds! Still, it’s not necessarily an easy task to find the best fields and ponds for waterfowl hunting.

That’s why I rely on the professional hunting guides from Minturn Anglers. They have shops in Denver, Minturn and Vail, making it easy to stock up on supplies and to make all arrangements for my next duck or goose hunting expedition. When my hunting time is limited, I can be confident that my experienced guide will use the fastest way to get to hunting property and make sure I have everything needed for a successful trip.

The main advantage of hunting with Minturn Anglers guides is their intimate knowledge of prime hunting areas in the state. They have access to private ponds and lands scattered in the best locations, from Denver to Fort Collins and out to the Eastern Plains. They bring me to established layout blinds and pits in the fields, or to fixed blinds in the water.

Duck hunts are usually most productive in the morning, although I wouldn’t write off the afternoons. On a typical goose hunting day, we meet at a predetermined place about an hour before sunset. This gives us time to reach the hunting property, unload gear into the blind and set up decoys to be ready before the legal shooting time of ½ hour before sunrise. Usually we have a good run of geese around 10 and 11 am, and then again early afternoon. In between we usually have a warm lunch or go to a local restaurant.

Minturn Anglers can supply any equipment I might need, from boots or waders to a firearm. A free box of ammo comes with the deal, and best of all, if the trip is unsuccessful, I am guaranteed a free next trip! You can’t beat that offer.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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