Private Fly Tying Classes

Private Fly Tying Classes



Minturn Anglers Denver



Classes are by request only


2 people max




  • Basic tools and Vises
  • Thread sizing and different types of thread
  • Am knot, half hitch, whip finish
  • A deep dive into hooks. Size and Shape
  • How to attach material to a hook
  • Tails and Tapers. Proper fly proportion
  • How to finish a fly to ensure durability

Minturn Anglers hosts fly-tying lessons for brand-new tiers as well as folks who are just looking to hone their skills and learn some new techniques.
We offer two options for classes:

  • A two-hour class, typically done in one session. We recommend these for those who have done a little tying on their own or have taken a class before and are looking to grow their basic knowledge or work through some struggles they might be having at the vise.
  • Our four-hour class is typically done in two 2-hour sessions and is geared towards those who have done no fly tying on their own and are looking to learn the fundamentals of tying and the tools and material needed to get started. This class will teach students from the ground up how to tie basic trout flies useful in our local rivers while simultaneously learning the basics of how to tie tails, build tapers, finish flies to ensure their durability and much more.

Give us a call at the Lone Tree shop to inquire about available dates and times! 720-851-4665

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Minturn Anglers Denver
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