Colorado River Late Summer Fishing Report | Hopper Season on the Right Bank

Colorado River Late Summer Fishing Report | Hopper Season on the Right Bank

Colorado River Stream flows are currently 944 CFS at Pumphouse and the river has been fishing well when the water remains clear to relatively clear.

Project Healing Waters Float Trip with Boulder Boat Works. Happy and honored to row for those who have served!

Had a chance to serve as a volunteer guide on a Project Healing Waters float trip down the Colorado River along with the guys at Boulder Boat Works.  We had a great time fishing with our veterans!  I’ve rowed a lot of boats, and until now I’ve always thought a boat was a boat.  WRONG!   These are the lightest, most durable beautiful boats I have ever seen.  If you’re think about a drift boat get in touch with Andy at BBW.
The Colorado has always fished well for me during dirty water from runoff with a with color between a weak coffee all the way to chocolate milk.  However, when the river is a chalky white, expect a tough day.   Anytime a bank slides out on the Blue River the shale banks turn the water white this will effect the Colorado from Pumphouse downstream. Look at the Colorado River stream flows at Kremling and if you see a sudden spike in the graph and there has been rain within 24 hours, pick another spot.
As for the fishing, we’ve continually boated good numbers of fish with the usual Colorado River flies.  #8-10 Coffee/Black Pat’s rubberlegs.  I’m still waiting for the day fish wise up to this fly, but so far it hasn’t happened.  Below the Rubberlegs we’re dropping a number of different types of pheasant tails and prince nymphs.  The new Hot Belly Pheasant Tail from Umpqua is deadly.  We’re also doing very well with 14-18 Psycho Princes in purple or yellow.

Hopper Fishing

Hoper fishing has been good in some spots where there is good current moving along the bank.  900 CFS is a good flow for the Colorado and it allows for most of the fish to sit comfortably in the middle of almost every run.  For this reason, there are less QUALITY fish on most banks.  If you’re heart is set on throwing hoppers, there are plenty of 10-12 inch fish on almost every bank, but the big bows are sitting at the bottom of Broadway where the most food is coming through. That being said, if you find the bank with swift current against it, that is where you might find some of the bigger fish willing to eat a hopper. Try #8-10 Charlie Boy Hoppers (olive & Tan) Triple Decker Meadow Hoppers & Trina’s Carnage Hoppers. Match the color of your hopper to the color of the bank.
-Grassy Bank: Olive or Bright Green Hopper
-Dirt Bank: Tan or Yellow Hopper


For the last two year the guides and shops on the North Platte river have been swearing by purple worms.  I always thought it was a gimmick to get people to buy a color worm they didn’t already have.  On one trip this spring we landed a fish with a purple worm in the corner of it’s mouth.  Without telling me, my client decided to tie it on and absolutely starting slamming fish.  Since that time, I have become a believer.  If you’re going to the Colorado River anytime soon, be sure to have some purple worms.  These fish go absolutely BONKERS for this thing!

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