Colorado Stress Free Duck Hunting

Colorado Stress Free Duck Hunting


Duck decoysI have been duck hunting Colorado’s Denver Front Range for years, and over time have latched on to approaches that help make each of my hunting trips successful and stress free. I find that waterfowling doesn’t have to be difficult, and is actually more enjoyable when I take the time to define my priorities, plan better and hunt smarter. I have learned not to make the sport more demanding than it has to be.

I start by making sure to block out all other commitments that might conflict with my hunting dates. All meetings and appointments, and family events and commitments are always scheduled around my chosen period. Sticking to the plan has an amazingly freeing effect.

While it was always nice to see new country, I quickly learned that travelling far afield to find the perfect hunting spot took considerable time and energy. A five or six hour drive to a hunting location, and a similar return drive certainly ate up the time. These days I search for hunting sites closer to home. Minimizing my time on the road maximized my time available for hunting, and I am in less of a hurry and more alert when I arrive.

There’s nothing worse than being wet and cold and in the open, waiting for waterfowl to appear. A few years ago my partners and I build a small comfortable duck blind on a hunting site we have access to. We furnished it with a few amenities to make it cozy, and added camouflage to avoid scaring off incoming flocks. These basic comforts certainly increase enjoyment of my hunting experiences.

I used to spend considerable time and energy maintaining and placing large spreads of decoys. I’ve learned to scale down my spread to about two dozen of my best decoys that are realistic enough to keep on bringing the birds to me.

I’m always reviewing magazines, the internet and on-line stores to check out new gear and equipment that will make my hunting trips easier and stress-free. I also enjoy checking out new high tech clothing and the latest ATV improvements.

When I want to treat myself to a really hassle-free experience, I engage a hunting guide from Minturn Anglers through their Denver, Minturn or Vail stores, and let him take care of all the details. All I have to do is show up with my shotgun and personal gear, and look forward to an enjoyable day hunting waterfowl!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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