Start Colorado Hunting with a Waterfowl Hunting Class

Start Colorado Hunting with a Waterfowl Hunting Class

If you and your wife or older teens have ever wondered what duck or goose hunting in Colorado’Front Range is all about, Minturn Anglers has the perfect solution. Talk to friendly staff at one of their convenient locations in Denver/Parker, Minturn or Vail to learn about their Waterfowl hunting class.

Colorado front range waterfowl hunting class -Under the direction of a professional hunting guide, this class is designed for both those new to the sport as well as hunters who are moderately experienced. The course teaches new hunters to become successful and self-sufficient in the field. Knowledgeable instructors provide one-on-one guidance, starting with a half-day classroom session covering all the basics of waterfowl hunting. Students are introduced to the biology and habitat of waterfowl, how to set up decoys and blinds, goose and duck calling, working with dogs, and basics of shotguns and ammunition. They learn how to select gear, scout locations, as well as practice hunting safety and etiquette.

The next morning, students are taken out for a half-day hunt, to practice what was discussed the previous day. Each person will have the opportunity to shoot and practice the skill of making educated shots. Hunting guide Instructors have the interest and take the time to pass on their knowledge to students in the waterfowl hunting class.

For those new to the sport, gathering all the necessary gear and equipment is often a challenge. Again, Minturn Anglers provides the easy solution. They can quickly provide you with the necessary Colorado Small Game License, habitat stamp as well as the state and federal waterfowl stamp. They will acquaint you with the rules and regulations for waterfowl hunting in Colorado. Even better for those who do not have the gear, Minturn will provide waders, boots as well as a firearm. They will even rent Waterfowl Outdoor gear if desired. To sweeten the deal, Minturn Anglers also offers discounts on retail purchases and on guided hunting excursions to those who have completed the Waterfowl 101 course.

What better way to introduce yourself and your family to the excitement of waterfowl hunting in Colorado!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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