Deckers/Cheesman Fishing Report: May 27

Deckers/Cheesman Fishing Report: May 27

Month: May
154 CFS then dropped to 97 CFS throughout the day
Water Temp: 57 Degrees
Clarity: Gin Clear
Weather: Clear

Jim with a Big Bow

Get used to seeing reports from Jim.  Jim is a long time customer, who fishes Cheesman 2-3 times a week.  You can always see his truck parked in the first spot at 4am.  He is the man when it comes to Cheesman.

The flow was dropped from 305 to 154CFS only a day before. Continued reduce flow through the day had the fish SPOOOOKY. But the good news is we could see a lot of fish. Taking your time to sneak up or billy goat down to get behind the fish unseen was the key. The fish were still in the skinny water if you looked for them. We fished pretty far up the canyon and caught fish the whole way. Those upriver canyon fish get a little less pressure but are more spread out than below. We threw typical Cheesman flies = red Midge larva, SJW (orange & red), black midges, and RS2s. Midges in the AM. As usual RS2 #1.

Caddis are showing up too.  Seeing good numbers of bugs in the afternoon and evening.  A few fish were looking up at them, but not the majority.


Sure hope they get the damn dam project completed. Reservoir is closed again till 2012.





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