Deckers Fishing Report 3/23/17 – Levi Lambert

Deckers Fishing Report 3/23/17 – Levi Lambert

Lots of hatch’s to take advantage of on the Decker’s portion of the S. Platte river right now!

The Flows were bumped up to around 120cfs the other day and this seems to have improved the already good fishing. Hatch’s of  Midges, Micro stone flies, BWO’s and even a Skwala stone or two have the trout on the feed.

The fish are starting to show up in the riffles as well as pools, shelf’s, slack water and well basically anywhere so keep a sharp eye out.

The whole river is in fish mod so if your still on the winter schedule of packing closer to the reservoir for the water temps it’s probably time to start heading down stream to find more peaceful runs. Keep in mind that the river is very crowded right now and good etiquette can go a long way. When in doubt ask, I find most anglers friendly, once they realize that you are trying to consider “their” fishing experience as much as your own.


If you’re finding fish looking up, try throwing your favorite natural colored, but visible dry fly in size 14-18 (if your a little seeing impaired a mid size stone fly imitation will suffice), then add a trailer about 16-18” long with a  cdc spinner or cdc midge adult (sz 20-22), parachute Adams (sz 22-24), or Griffiths Gnat (sz20-22). Keep in mind that you may have to get 4-6 good drifts through these weary fish before you get a take so don’t get discouraged.

Nymphing is still the most productive method to take fish, and considering that the Golden stones are molting right now, so there is a lot of husks floating in the water, as well as sporadic hatch’s of the  Skwala and micro black stone, I would strongly suggest a stone fly imitation for your lead bug ( pat’s rubber leg, 20incher, woven stone) followed up with a size 16-18 (UV Scud, hairs ear, or soft hackle PT) and for a small point fly (thunder midge, Redford’s BC Baetis, or Xmas midge) sizes 20-24.

Try and set your hooks on every movement or pause of your indicator as eats this time of year are very subtle in the slower water.


See you out there,


Levi Lambert

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