Deckers Fishing Report Feb. 7th – Levi Lambert

Deckers Fishing Report Feb. 7th – Levi Lambert

Warm weather and consistent flows have made for some good fishing

The weather has been in the mid to high 50’s for the last 5 days, making the water temps consistently high enough to see some rising fish mid day and late in the afternoon, provided the wind isn’t gusting. The riser’s won’t be the easiest targets as they are by no means prolific, but anytime you get the chance to throw drys in the winter you kind of have to take it. If you’re finding fish looking up, try throwing your favorite natural colored, high floating dry fly in size 14-16, then add a trailer about 16-18” long with a  cdc spinner, parachute Adams (sz 22-24), or Griffiths Gnat (sz20-22). Keep in mind that you may have to get 4-6 good drifts through these weary fish before you get a take so don’t get discouraged.


We’re finding fish stacked up in the deeper slower runs, but keep a sharp eye on walking speed water, submerged rock beds and shelves, as fish hanging in these area’s are usually on the feed.

The best hours of fishing this time of year are in the middle of the day (10:30-4pm).

Nymphing is still the most productive method to take fish, a combination of larger attractor flies (crane fly, san juan worm, or egg) followed up with a size 16-18 (Scud, flashback PT, or soft hackle) and for a small point fly (thunder midge, Redford’s BC Baetis, or JuJu midge) sizes 20-24.

Try and set your hooks on every movement or pause of your indicator as eats this time of year are very subtle in the slower water.


See you out there,


Levi Lambert

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