Denver Urban Fishing for Your Sales Team

Denver Urban Fishing for Your Sales Team

How about telling your sales team you’ll meet them in the parking lot at Frog Hollow Park in downtown Denver for your weekly sales meeting?

Urban Denver fly fishingIf you’re looking for an innovative way to gear up your sales team, try urban fly fishing at Trestle Hole near Sixth Avenue Bridge, an easy walk from the park. Besides individual updates and the usual tips about prospecting and lead generation, a successful sales meeting includes energizers and rewards. There is no better show of appreciation than a half day fly fishing in the smooth flowing South Platte with the sounds of traffic as a back drop. It just feels like being a kid playing hooky from school!

Organize the session with the Minturn Anglers fly shop on South Peakes Drive. They will provide all the gear needed, from rods, reels, flys, waders, and even temporary fishing permits. The bonus is the passion in the services of a professional fishing guide. Even your staff who don’t think they’re particularly interested in fishing will catch the contagious enthusiasm of the expert. Watch a sense of competition creep in as the guide coaches these sales reps on their fishing techniques, teaching the novices and encouraging the experienced anglers.

He’ll recommend the best flies for whatever trout, carp or bass appear to be lurking in the swirling eddy near the trestle that particular day. I know I’d probably opt for a Crazy Dad 8 again, and maybe switch to a different pattern to try my hand at catching some of the rainbows and browns found in these waters as well.

At noon time, trek back to Frog Hollow Park for a barbecue lunch arranged by Minturn Anglers. After a relaxing hour eating and debriefing the fly fishing experience, you might even squeeze in a few items of your typical sales meeting agenda.

Denver urban fishing is a natural delight, especially in the longer, fresh spring days or the lazier, warm days of summer. Working with Minturn Anglers to turn this affordable recreation into a rally cry for your sales team is pure genius!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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