Distance Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff

Distance Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff

Tim Rajeff of Echo Fly Rods has two short fly casting videos shared on this page that will help you cast farther and easier.

Distance Cssting Tips Video (Part 1) Featured above

We often times think that the double haul, loop shape & line speed  (outlined in distance casting tips part 2 below) are all that play into distance casting and fully loading the fly rod. While these are all certainly critical, we often overlook easy things we can do to help transfer more energy from our body, through the fly rod, into the fly line and to our end casting target.  One of the biggest things we can do is use our body weight to step into the cast

Distance Casting Tip #2
-Snap the wrist at the end of each haul & keep the fly line in the tips of your fingers

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