Downtown Denver South Platte Carp Fishing Report

Downtown Denver South Platte Carp Fishing Report

South Platte River
October 4, 2011
Clarity: Gin Clear
Weather: Sunny and 75
Water Temp: 55-65

The carp fishing downtown Denver has been epic the last few weeks.  The water temps are ideal for carp feeding (55-65 Degrees).  Water levels are low, which means to have to be very stealthy.  Limit your casting and wading as much as possible.  All most all the fish I catch are from the bank or toes in the water.  These fish can feel you in the water.  Just a small piece of advice.

Urban Denver fly fishing for carp
Taken on a Thin Mint Bugger

Look for the carp in moving water.  These are the fish that are most likely to eat.  The fish in the slow water eat, but at low flows they are tough not to spook.  The fish in the moving water will respond to nymph and are also less wary.

Nick with a nice carp on a nymph rig

You flies also play a large role in getting the bite.  More so the weight than the actual fly.  Almost all my flies are heavily weighted.  The fly must be on the bottom in order to get them to eat.  But you must also make your fly land soft, this is where you get creative.  Staying out of the water, getting as close as you can and hiding behind something is your best shot.  Most of my fish are caught less than 20 feet away from me.  But I am usually hiding, on my knees or crawling up to the fish.

Videos below for your viewing pleasure!

Gear you will need:
2-3X Flourocarbon
#AB-BB Shot
9 Foot 2x Leaders
#08 Egans Headstand Carp Fly
#06-10 Thin Mint Bugger
#06 Barrys Carp Fly
#08-16 Red San Juan Worms
#08-10 Swimming Nymph Rust and Gold
#08 Near Nuff Crayfish

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