Eagle River Fly Fishing Report | Mid-Valley: Edwards to Eagle Vail

Eagle River Fly Fishing Report | Mid-Valley: Edwards to Eagle Vail

A small brown near Eagle-Vail.


6-27-2014 Mid-Valley below Vail, Colorado continues to improve as the waters recede.

The Eagle River is easily divided into three basic sections: the high country (above Minturn), mid-valley (from the Gore Creek confluence down to Wolcott), and downvalley (Wolcott to the confluence with the Colorado River). The last two days I have been focusing on the mid valley stretch and have found a considerable improvement from a week ago: run off is slowing bringing the water levels down and clarity is improving, all good things.

Eagle River Fly Fishing Report | Midvalley

As the water levels lower, fishing is really starting to turn on. It is still a tough game out there and I found many of my drifts that picked up fish were near the bank where the water slows giving the fish a place to hold out of the main current. The fish we netted were on high water flies such as stonefly imitators and brighter worm imitators (pink, red, purple).

Eagle River Rainbow Trout
Took the purple worm… check out those colors!

Fishing the lower section of the mid valley stretch (around Wolcott) where the river has a chance to widen out and slow down were the most productive areas in this stretch, with the inside bends being especially hot. The upper end of this stretch (Gore Creek Confluence/Eagle-Vail) of the Eagle is also improving. It did produce but was a little more difficult with my favorite spots still being a little too high to fish. Get out there and tie on some bigger flies listed below!

Patterns: Pat’s Rubber Legs #10-12, Stonebomb #10-12, San Juan Worm (purple, red, pink) #8-#14; Cannon’s Worm #8-14, Pig Sticker (wire worm)#8, 20-Incher #10-#12, Chart Copper John #16-20, Graphic Caddis #12-#16; Pheasant Tail #14-#18.

Temp: 46°-53°

Flow: 1290 CFS at Avon1820 CFS at Wolcott (remember safe wading techniques and bring a wading belt…it will save your life)

A happily released brown near Wolcott.


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