Echo Carbon Fly Rod Review | Affordable Quality & Performance

Echo Carbon Fly Rod Review | Affordable Quality & Performance

The first time I picked up an Echo Carbon rod, I was thoroughly impressed and figured I was casting a fly rod in the $350-$495 price range.  Was I shocked when I found out the Carbon retails at $169.95!

How Tough Are Echo Rods?  Check out this Video where Tim Rajeff puts an Echo rod to a test no fly rod will ever see again!

The Echo Carbon is the rod that got me hooked on the Echo Line of rods. At $169.95, I don’t know how you can build a rod quite like this from performance all the way to cosmetics.

How Does the Echo Carbon Cast & How Does it Fish
The Carbon has a great feel in the hand and has a medium fast action type of feel that allows for easy loading of the rod across a variety of fishing applications, casting strokes and ability levels.  My first experience fishing this rod was on the Miracle Mile earlier this summer fishing both nymph rigs and Streamers out of the boat.  The 6wt handled big streamers very nice, roll casted well and had enough back bone to set the hook when fishing deep and heavy. This is usually my biggest complaint with budget priced rods–they don’t have enough juice to set the hook when your flies are ten feet under water.

Looks Count Too!
The Echo Carbon is Eye Candy.  The aluminum spiraled reel seat is really unique and give the rod a very tough look.  The echo logo also has a nice place on the grip as well.

I have no doubt the Echo Carbon is soon to be a favorite amongst staff & customer at Minturn Anglers.  What else would you expect from a rod designed by Tim Rajeff!

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