Echo Spey & Switch Rod Reviews | Echo DH, TR, SR, Solo

Echo Spey & Switch Rod Reviews | Echo DH, TR, SR, Solo

Echo Switch & Spey rods are among our favorite for those seeking the best performance at an affordable price.

Tim Rajeff is one of the most accomplished & credible fly casters, instructors and rod designers fly fishing has ever known and he wouldn’t put his stamp of approval on a rod he didn’t believe in.  The same could be said for Echo Fly Rod’s rep Frank Smethurst who is also the area rep for Scott Fly Rods.  After casting & fishing a lot of both Scott & Echo rods we see how well the two lines of rods compliment each other in our product line.
Scott has always been known for building the world’s best fishing tools for specific purposes.  An example of this would be the Scott T2H 1085 switch rod which has become our absolute favorite 5wt switch rod for Colorado. The 10′ 8″ 5wt is the perfect balance of size, length, weight & action that makes the jump from single handed rods to switch & spey rods effortless. That being said, the spey & switch rod Revolution is relatively new to Colorado and $825 can be a big bite to chew for someone’s first switch rod. That’s why echo has it’s place in our line of two handed and switch rods. At a competitive price of 329.99, the Echo SR Switch Rod is available in the exact 10′ 8″ 5wt category.  The echo 10′ 6″ 4wt in the Echo SR line is also a really fun new toy to consider. Here is the Echo Line of Spey Rods at a Glance.

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Echo TR Spey Rods
Designed by Tim Rajeff as a slightly faster action two handed rod that we love for casting Scandi Lines such as the Airflo Scandi Compact.

What do you do when you have a slight hitch in your giddy-up? If you are a two-hand fly fisherman who owns their own rod company you simply create a family of rods that help you cast better. Tim Rajeff took the popular ECHO Classic rodsand gave them a little more oomph in the bottom half to keep up with his slightly more abrupt power application. The ECHO TR rods look like something from a TV battlefield and perform like they mean business. With modest tip power combined with a little extra butt power, ECHO TR rods will throw tighter loops farther than you ever dreamed possible. Load them up with a Skagit Compact head and they slow down enough to make fishing sink tips a breeze. Available from a 12 foot 5 weight trout spey all the way up to a 15 foot 10 weight big water stick. When your friends ask to borrow your ECHO TR rod, don’t do it, you might not get it back.

Echo TR Rods features:

  • Four piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Premium grade cork upper handle with composite pressure zone at top of the handle
  • Handle lengths vary with each model
  • Premium grade cork lower handle with composite pivot knob
  • Black anodized reel seat
  • Matte army green blank
  • Black stripper and snake guides
  • Green cordura case with rod sock
  • Echo lifetime warranty
TR512012’0″54A (22-3/4″)FAST-ISH$349.99
TR612612’6″64A (22-3/4″)FAST-ISH$349.99
TR713013’0″74A (22-3/4″)FAST-ISH$349.99
TR813613’6″84B (23-3/4″)FAST-ISH$349.99
TR914014’0″94C (24-3/4″)FAST-ISH$349.99
TR1015015’0″104C (24-3/4″)FAST-ISH$349.99

Echo DH Spey Rods
The Echo DH (Dec Hogan) is a smooth easy to cast and load two handed rod for those new to two handed casting.

Over the years the ECHO DH rods have helped more anglers become good two-hand casters than any other rods on the market. Maybe it’s the rods smooth action or their ability to easily load deep into the butt, but our customers have told us that ECHO DH rods perform over a wider range of fishing conditions than any other rod they have used. Designed by Tim based on critical, real-life fishing observations from the legend Dec Hogan, every section of every ECHO DH rod has been fine tuned to provide the optimal amount of bend during the cast. ECHO DH rods are designed to comfortably handle “standard” spey lines as well as Skagit style heads. If you are looking for a smooth, easy casting two-hand rod that fishes a wide variety of lines and conditions, look no further. You Are Home!!!

Echo DH Rods feature:

  • Four piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • “A” grade cork with composite cork at each end
  • Handle lengths vary with each model
  • Carbon fiber reel seat with anodized aluminum components
  • Smoke colored gloss blank
  • Titanium nitride coated stripper guides with SIC inserts
  • Matching grey cordura travel case
  • Echo lifetime warranty
DH411911’9″44A (21″)MED$349.99
DH512212’2″54A (21″)MED$349.99
DH612612’6″64B (22-1/2″)MED$349.99
DH713013’0″74B (22-1/2″)MED$349.99
DH813313’3″84C (24″)MED$349.99
DH913613’6″94C (24″)MED$349.99

Echo SR Switch Rods
A unique series of switch rods that make sense for those of us who fish in Colorado at a great price!

Whether you’re using them with one hand or two, spey casting or overhead casting, Switch Rods have become an important tool for people who trout and steelhead fish. Great Lakes fly anglers love the light weight and shorter length. Pacific Northwest anglers like the ability to fish in tight places with two hands. With a crisp action and modest power the ECHO SR rods maintain a load during a Spey cast better than other rods that have an extra fast action. In models ranging from 10’6″ to 10’10” they are a perfect two hand length but are not beyond chucking with one hand when needed. Disguised in the best looking pale olive matte color, the family of SR rods will make you smile just putting them together.

Echo SR Rods feature:

  • Four piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Compact upper handle design with composite upper end
  • #4 and #5 have shorter, more condensed upper and lower handle
  • Black anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Matte pale olive blank
  • Hard chrome single foot guides
  • Olive cordura case with cloth sock
  • 40″ fish hero mark
  • Echo lifetime warranty
SR410610’6″44A (17-1/4″)FAST$329.99
SR510810’8″54A (17-1/4″)FAST$329.99
SR6101010’10”64B (18-3/4″)FAST$329.99
SR7101010’10”74B (18-3/4″)FAST$329.99
SR8101010’10”84B (18-3/4″)FAST$329.99

Echo Solo Two Handed Rods
If you are seeking a full spey rod as a backup rod or as a rod you don’t intend to use a lot, the Solo is worth a look.

Whether you are looking for your first two-hand rod or a great back up, the ECHO SOLO two-hand rods are the smoothest, easiest casting rods in their class. Designed primarily as a Spey casting rod where common casting techniques are used. They have a crisp action and modest power, allowing performance over the largest range of fishing conditions, using both floating and sink tip lines. Experts agree that a rod that falls near the center of the stiffness range will fit the largest number of casting styles. ECHO SOLO rods fall into this category and can be fine tuned to the owner’s particular casting and fishing style by using different weights and lengths of lines. The six and seven weight models are great for summer steelhead or Atlantic Salmon using floating lines or modest sink tips. The eight weight is a smooth casting powerful rod, great for larger rivers and heavier sink tips or longer bellied lines. We took our time on this small series of entry level rods because we know that if you are satisfied with your first ECHO rod you will think about us the next time you are in the market for another rod. Heck you might even tell your friends about us.

SOLO 2HAND Rods feature:

  • Four piece design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Anodized aluminum saltwater-friendly reel seat
  • Rich brown gloss blank
  • Hard chrome single foot snake guides
  • Rod sock and cordura travel case
  • Echo lifetime warranty
TH612612’6″64A (21″)MED FAST$229.99
TH712912’9″74A (21″)MED FAST$229.99
TH813013’0″84A (21″)MED FAST$229.99

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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