Fall Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers with Streamers

Fall Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers with Streamers

Gear up for fall fly fishing in Colorado. It’s never too early to start dreaming about a crisp October morning on the water, whether it’s the Colorado River, Gore Creek, Eagle River or even the waters out at Long Meadow Ranch. Book an excursion now with a Minturn Anglers guide and tell them you want to make it a streamer trip!

First, a gentle reminder: fall is spawning season for brook trout and browns. Whether you are using streamers or any other fly, stay away from active spawning on a redd.

There seems to be something about spawning instincts and the change of seasons that makes trout hungry and a little more aggressive. They are willing to go after the larger streamers and put up a fight. And, if there’s a bit of cloud cover, there is usually even more action. Many fly fishermen consider this the best time of year: not as many anglers and more large active fish.

The best streamers are made of rabbit fur or marabou that literally “streams” or moves around in the water. They are designed to look like sculpins, minnows, or other bait fish and are sold under great names like Slumpbusters, Woolly Buggers and Sex Dungeons. Add a little flash and perhaps some weight from beads or cones to keep them low in the water. Some of the really large streamers are nearly half a foot long with hinged bodies and two hooks. We’re talking about going after big fish!

If you’re not experienced fly fishing with streamers, you will definitely want the services of a Minturn Anglers guide to get you started. He can give you tips on your swing and the length and speed of pull. The fishing guide will also advise you on the holding areas for the fish so you can cover as much water as possible while moving quickly either wading or in a drift boat.

You don’t need special gear for casting streamers but it is helpful to use at least a six weight line on the typical nine foot rod. The extra weight ensures the fly goes further especially in a stiff breeze and it will take less effort to bring in that two foot brown who wants nothing to do with you.

There you go   ̶   a teaser for streamer fishing this fall. Call Minturn Anglers to make it a reality.

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It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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