Colorado River Report – 7/16/13

Colorado River Report – 7/16/13

A bump incolorado river report fly fishing flows gave us some much needed water this week but we desperately need more. The fishing remains very good but we are keeping a close eye on afternoon water temps until we receive our summer water. Concentrate your efforts from State Bridge – Pumphouse for the best fishing, wade or float.

Sallies, Red Quills, Pmds and terrestrials are abundant and lots of fish are suspended in the riffles eating emergers and adults. Keep an eye out for some of the bigger Golden Stones as they should be making their presence know soon.

The lower Colorado below Glenwood Springs is also a great option right now especially from a boat.

Rating 4/5

Flies: Nymphs: Pat’s Rubber Leg and other stones #2 – #12, eggs, midge larva and midge pupas (red, black, olive, gray, even yellow) #14 – #20, uv midges #16 – #22 (olive, black, red, purple, etc), soft hackle and other pheasant tails #16 – #22, biot midges #18 – #22, merc flashback RSII #20 – #24, jujubaetis #18 – #22, drowned rusty spinner #16 – #22, rainbow warriors #16 – #20, barr bwo emerger #16 – #22, soft hackle and guides choice hare’s ear #16 – #22, formerly, flash, and rubber leg princes #16 – #20, WD Flashy (black, olive, brown) #20 – #22.

Dries: Clark’s Sofa Pillows and Orange Stimis #6-10, PMD Emergers, Ants & Beetles

Streamers: sculpzillas, slumpbusters, sex dungeon, etc


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