Fishing Reports | Dream Stream Trips | Mile High Flats Boat | Summer Apparel Sale

Fishing Reports | Dream Stream Trips | Mile High Flats Boat | Summer Apparel Sale


It’s time again ladies and gents. The big browns and the Salmon are moving back into the Dream Stream so LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Whether you’re a veteran of the Dreams Combat fishing or a first-timer looking for an introduction we would love to have you. One of our certified river gurus Gavin Greeley is ready and waiting to take you down and get you locked in on these elusive beasts. Give us a call at the shop if you need any more convincing or if you would like to get on the books. Call soon because spots are already filling up on Gavin’s calendar!!!

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Vail Valley Fishing Reports 

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Eagle River
Nights are getting chilly up here in the Valley but the fishing is heating up by the day. Bug selection is gonna have to be smaller than bugs you were tricking them on throughout the Summer months. Little BWOs and Baetis nymphs are the ticket. Try some #18s and #20s in a Barrs Emerger BWOs and grey Foam-Back Emergers for the under an October Caddis on the surface. As the fish move down in the column throw on some lead (Or a lead substitute if you love nature like we do) and some sort of Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail or Guides Choice in a #16 or so on top and trail a Forky Baetis or the ol’ JUJU Baetis in the #18-#22 range. Fishing is good from the Headwaters to Gyptucky but I’v been beating up the Avon area and having some real good days.
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Colorado River

If you wanna huck steamers for some aggressive Browns then lets get you on a boat on the Upper Coli and have some fun. Cloudy days are best for the streamer bite and as we get into the evening hours the fish are coming up to the dry. Smaller mayflies are the ticket on the surface and a big nasty articulated streamer down deep is the best bet for the streamer game. I like Circus Peanut and the Sex Dungeon with a smaller Leech or Bugger trailing. Beat up the banks and deeper runs. If you aren’t finding fish it’s probably not the fly. Try to change your depth or your retrieve speed and see if that doesn’t do it.
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Blue River
If you want a quick trip up the hill to see some fall colors but you can’t make the drive all the way to the Eagle then The Blue should be on your radar. The fall has cooled water quite a bit and the fish are fattening up for winter. Mysis and small midge patterns are always on the menu. #20 Red Zebra Midge or Rainbow Warriors should find you a fish or two. Look for most of the fish to be holding in the deep slow water towards the back of the runs.




Fall is upon us and we all love chasing big browns…
But mind the Redds and the spawning trout!!!

As the fish start to stage on your favorite trout stream it is important to be mindful while wading and to stay clear of the fish that have already stared spawning. Leaving these fish alone is key to the fish population in our rivers for years to come. Also if you see anglers fishing on redds try and educate them and move them off the spawning fish.

Carp’e Diem. Mile High Flats Trips

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The flats boat, the flip flops, tailing fish… Are we sure this is Colorado?  
It’s no secret that salt water destination trips are the stuff a fly fisherman’s dreams usually consist of, but with a full time job and a family not all of us can run away to Belize to chase Bone Fish at the drop of a hat. Getting a Wednesday off to go pole around a reservoir stalking golden bone… a lot more manageable. Minturn Anglers guide Gavin Greely is geared up and ready to go spot some carp from the deck of his Rocky Mountain Flats boat! Give us a call at the Parker shop to talk trip details or if you have any questions! Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience!!!
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Front Range Fishing Reports

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The Dream Stream

I know all you Front Range anglers and your deep seeded love for the Dream. We hold our breath all September. Yeah, I said ‘We’. I’m one of you loonies who hops in the truck at 3:30 a.m so I can stake my claim. Iv been getting calls in the shop for weeks and i’m happy to say WAIT NO LONGER!! The big browns are moving in and our guides are beating feet and getting dialed in for the season. If you wanna hit it on your own I recommend filling the box with plenty of smaller Pine Squirrel leeches and Purple San Juans. The egg patterns aren’t fooling too many fish yet but keep them on deck as we get deeper into the fall. Look for the deeper slower runs with some good cover. Keep your eyes peeled because the most productive way to catch these fish is sighting them up. If you are a little intimidated by the Dream Stream Dance or if you are just looking to take out the guess work and hit the river with a Pro give us a call in the shop and we will set you up with one of our river ninjas and we can go chase the fish of  lifetime.

It sure is feeling like fall down in Deckers already. The trees and the trout are already changing colors and there really isn’t a better time to be fishing. Fish are seeing smaller bugs hatching and a #20 Blue Wing Olive Emerger is bringing lots of fish to the net. Grey Foam Wing Rs2’s and Batwing Emergers in the BWO flavor are some of my go-to patterns. Early to mid morning and afternoon it’s best to fish a nymph rig with no weight and a #14 or so Caddis pupa 14 to 18 inches above your Blue Wing emerger and work that film at the top of the water column. Add some weight as you see those fish move down and try some bigger Prince Nymphs as a lead fly. If it’s bright out throw some #18 or #20 Rainbow Warriors in Black or Pearl through the deep runs. Very little interest in the bead or the streamer, and Im not too proud to admit putting some time in with the dirty bead. No love. Keep the eggs and beads in the truck for a couple more weeks.
Chessman Canyon 
I feel like people forget about the Canyon in the fall with all the buzz for pre-spawn browns but this stretch is a beauty when the leaves start to change. If you can sneak out on a weekday you’ll find solitude all day long and you’ll also find some eager trout. The Cheesman local trout will be feeding on similar bugs as the fish down in Deckers with more big Stones in the mix in the Canyon. Drop a #14 Pats down to a #20 Blue Wing or Baetis pattern and get deep. If you think you have a lot of weight then add some more. Later into the day and the sun comes off the river 
streamers have been moving fish off the banks and out of tail-outs. Black and natural Slumpbusters and Sculpzillas are a few of my tried and true weapons in the fall. 




Get on the water with a PRO today!!!
The leaves are changing and the air is getting cold up here in the mountains. Our guides have been whipping bugs around from Minturn to Pump House and whether it’s wade fishing or a day of chucking streamers from the front of a drift boat we have a guide to help you get dialed in. Fall fishing is second to none up here and if you’ve never had the pleasure we recommend getting out… like tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow? Give us a holler at the shop and lets talk trips. Call in sick to work, let one of Minturn’s guides put your arm in a cast.

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