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Fishing Reports | Eagle River Floats | *NEW* Spinney Reservoir Floats | Guide Schools

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P.R.O. Season is here! – 3/4 Day Floats for $420!!! 
43640-P.R.O. Season is here! - 3/4 Day Floats for $420
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Become a Pre-Run Off Pro on the Eagle River!
Check the flows, it’s that magical time of year! The Eagle River is up and ready to be rafted. Let’s show these beautiful Eagle River toads some flies from a different angle. As the river rises, the only way to hit the far bank is from some rubber so call the shop today and book a float with your boys from Minturn Anglers. P.R.O (Pre-Run Off) gets you first dibs on fish who haven’t seen flies in  months and they see your bugs from a different angle as your throwing at the banks instead of from them. Be one of the first few boats and get on the water before run-off gets too big and muddy!

*Call in advance for updated reports for the Eagle. Colorado is always a go!

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3/4 Day Floats for $420!

Vail Valley Fishing Reports 
43640-Vail Valley Fishing Reports
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Eagle River
Our gorgeous home river up the hill is finally beginning it’s (second) push towards run-off. The river’s been spiking all weekend with warm weather and sun. There is a silver lining though as the forecast is calling for rain. If the temps stay low and the rain stay to the evening. The river could possibly dive daily. No promises but stay in touch. If it’s fishable we’ll get ya out there on some fish! Even when it’s dirty, long slow runs will produce with Pat’s Rubber Legs, Cranefly Larvae, Squirmy Worms, San Juans and dead drifted streamers. Use heavy tippet and BE CAREFUL WADING!!!  Need a guide? We got em >>>
Gore Creek


Gore Creek is up but still has good visibility. The water towards East Vail is sexy and fishing well. Bead head nymphs of any variety should get em as long as they’re deep and your drifts are true. Cascade Village has decent access and hungry fish as well. When in doubt, chuck a small streamer!

Colorado River
The Colorado River is up to 2200 CFS and off color. There’s a few feet of visibility though and what you’re chuckin’ will be easy to spot in that turbid water… Stoneflies. Yummy, yummy stoneflies. We’ve seen the beginning of stonefly activity both with how the fish are eating our nymphs and actually seeing the bugs milling about. Ya heard it here first. By the way… stoneflies.  Get on a boat with a Minturn Anglers guide >>>


Blue River
The Blue River has flat lined at 469cfs and is great for fishing with a buddy or solo. The standard flies apply; mysis, small emergers, midges galore, etc. Don’t be afraid to chuck an absurd streamer throughout the day too. You’d be surprised by what will follow. It doesn’t always have to be 12′ leaders and 7x! Weekdays are best to avoid the crowds and don’t be afraid to cover some ground, the big uns are spread throughout. Always start close to the bank though.

Spinney Reservoir Floats

43640-Spinney Reservoir Floats
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Spend Runoff Chasing Big Bows and Cutties in Southern Colorado!

Run off is beginning to plague the rivers down here on the Front Range and the rivers up in the mountains aren’t far behind. Don’t spend your Spring inside tying flies and watching trout porn when you could be chasing 20 inchers from the boat down on Spinney with one of Minturn’s finest. Gavin Greely has been spending some serious time behind the sticks getting the reservoir dialed in since the ice came off and he’d love to row you around all day. We will be offering these trips as both 3/4 Day and Full Day and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at the Parker shop and i’ll talk you into it!
Spend Runoff The Right Way >>>>

Limited Spots Remaining in Minturn Anglers’ Float Guide School!!!
43640- Limited Spots Remaining in Minturn Anglers’ Float Guide School
Photo by Bob Streb


Invest in your fly fishing future – May 23 – 27
The fly fishing industry here in the great state of Colorado can be quite competitive. In order to get a job guiding these days, additional education is required to ensure that a guide-to-be knows all the in’s and out’s of providing exceptional experiences on stream.
If guiding fly fishing trips in Colorado is your next career move, get it jump started with the Guide Schools offered by Minturn Anglers. We have limited spaces available in our last Float Guide School May 23-27th. Learn the ropes and get your river miles on the Eagle and Colorado River.
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Spring Special – Buy ANY Scott Rod, get a FREE Minturn Anglers LR2 Reel!!!
43640-Spring Special – Buy ANY Scott Rod, get a FREE Minturn Anglers LR2 Reel
Minturn Anglers LR2


Buy any Scott Fly Rod, Get a Minturn Anglers LR2 for FREE!!!
Why? Because we know you are looking at a new Scott stick and we want to hook you up with something to compliment it. Because we feel that our reel balances, matches, performs and exceeds expectations on Scott Rods and we’d like to share the experience with you. Because if our guides let all their clients use these every day, 8 hours a day, all year long and they hold up; than they should last a millennium for you. Last… we really like you. A lot! Stop by either shop and mention you saw this in the email blast. Value of the reel is $189
Two Day Spey Class with Scott Pro – Ty Clifton May 20 and 22

43640-Two Day Spey Class with Scott Pro - Ty Clifton May 20 and 22


Spey Class at the Parker Location May 20 and 22
It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, The Man, the myth, Mr. Ty Clifton will be running another one of his famous Spey Schools Here at Minturn Anglers on 5/21-5/22. Whether you have a little experience with the 2 Handers or have just always wanted to try it out Ty is the guy to learn from. Give us a call at the shop for more details or to get you a coveted spot on the list!!! Seats in Ty’s classroom are LIMITED so don’t hesitate!
Ty will host an evening of instruction at the shop on Friday May 20th starting at 6:00 p.m introducing the gear and running through the basics of casting. May 22nd will be an on river instruction from 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Give us a call at the Parker shop to get on the list!!! 720-851-4665
Space is LIMITED
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Front Range Fishing Reports

43640-Front Range Fishing Reports
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Water down on the Platte has been clearing up a bit but the big stuff is still on the top of the menu for our trout friends. Whether you are fishing above the bridge at Deckers or down river around Sugarcreek or Trumbull you’ll want a fair amount of weight and some big stones and cranefly larva. Pat’s Rubber Legs and Crane Bombs are some of my favorites but fish have also been taking smaller golden stones and bright green caddis larva as well. Flipping over some rocks will expose all the BWOs waiting to come off and towards the late afternoon switching to a Thorax BWO on the surface with a Juju or Barr’s Emerger off the back will prove productive. The snow pack up in the hills seems to promise runoff is still on the horizon so we may be throwing the junk flies at our Deckers residents for the foreseeable future.I

f you’ve never fished high water down on the Platte let one of out Professional Guides show you the ropes!!!>>>>


11 Mile Canyon 
If you want to throw dry flies all day then you really have no better option right now then 11 Mile Canyon. The water down south is still holding crystal clear and the fishing has been heating up day by day. Bring the 6x and the Midges for the morning hatch and as the day starts to warm up you will see some bigger bugs start to pop off and then you can switch to a Parachute or Thorax BWO in about a #20 with some sort of midge larva or Blue Wing Emerger 12-16 inches off the back. These fish get their fair share of pressure so be mindful of shadows and be delicate with your presentation. If you have any other questions or if you need some bugs come see us at the Parker shop or give us a call at 720-851-4665! >>>>>

The Dream Stream

It’s almost scary when you roll up to the Dream Stream mid morning and you don’t see a single soul parked at the bridge, or even anyone fishing the river. If you have been here in the Spring or Fall you know of the ridiculous crowds that these big fish draw, however it seems to be a river that falls to the wayside when the anadromous fish aren’t in the river. Don’t overlook this stretch because while the resident fish are substantially smaller than the lake run fish there are plenty of them and next to no competition. The bugs don’t change much year around so you will still find most of your fish coming on a dead drifted Pine Squirrel leech or Slumpbuster. Red and Purple worms are never a bad idea and your smaller blue wing emergers will produce or you as well, such as a Barr’s Emerger or a Foamback RS2. The water is clear and the fish are active. Get down south and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Book a guide to show you the ropes down on Platte >>>>>  



Chessman Canyon 

Spring in the Canyon is similar to what I assume Heaven is like. Maybe that’s a bold comparison but man do I live for these days. The water all around the state gets muddy and some guys take a break from the river to tie bugs and drink beer, which is a fine use of time don’t get me wrong, but this is the season to be in the Canyon. Gin clear water makes for some educated fish and you really have to be on your game to be successful. This is the big leagues and if you thought Deckers presented a challenge go check out his big brother. You’ll want some stoneflies for your point flies. Again I like Brown and Black Pat’s in the #12-#8 range. About 8-12 inches off the back I would drop a squirmy or  a caddis to further entice Mr. Trout and then a grey or olive RS2 or Rainbow Warrior off the back in the #18-#22 range as your money fly. Look to find fish in the softer water along the seams and do your best to get that drag free drift. I’m a firm believer that it’s all about presentation in the Canyon so worry more about your depth and speed than your bugs.


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