Fishing reports | full day float trip for the price of a 3/4 | fly tying night | guide school and float school

Fishing reports | full day float trip for the price of a 3/4 | fly tying night | guide school and float school


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Vail Valley Fishing Reports 

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Eagle River
 Tame winter weather of late has had the fish moving around and eating well. The mornings.are still pretty chilly so no need to rush out of bed just to sit bumper to bumper with all the skiers. If you can hit the river around 11:00 or so you should be golden. Water has been opening up everywhere from Minturn to Dotsero with the best fishing taking place between the west end of Edwards through the town of Gypsum. Even though the only bugs you’ll see airborne will be midges, there’s a full buffet down below. Golden stones, plentiful caddis larva, aquatic worms and mayfly clingers have all been seined up in numbers on the lower river. A great sign! Though the majority of your fish will come on small RS2s, WD-40’s, jujubee midges and tiny soft hackles; there are plenty of fish being picked up on hot belly pheasant tails, purple worms, and 14-18 Ryco caddis. You’d be happy to know that the little guys are hibernating and most fish meeting the bag are 17″ plus. Terrible news, I know… Get it while the gettin’s good! We have discounted wade trips out of the Minturn shop but the books are filling quick. Put down the skis and pick up the stick.Need a guide? We got em >>>



The Roaring Fork
Not a boat in sight and the fishing is beautiful. Midges and BWOs are the menu options but get creative with it. Lead off with bigger flies and it’s a safe bet the ugly bugs in your box will bring some fish to the net… and probably some larger fish at that. Psycho Prince Nymphs in black and 20 Incher stones are some of my money makers and you can get away with a #16 or so. Drop your favorite #20 Midge or Beatis pattern off your big ugly and don’t be afraid to chuck some heavier rigs than you think you need as those fish are going to be holding deep.  With a long commute and little pressure, we’d say it’s worth the drive and while you can certainly wade it the best way to get after the feeding fish is from a boat. We’re currently offering full day floats for the price of a 3/4 day so if you don’t know the water well or if you just want us to row you around all day, we’re happy to take ya… and drive ya from Minturn!.Get on a boat with a Minturn Anglers guide >>> 


Gore Creek
There’s lot’s of open water in this untapped resource and you’re almost guaranteed to be the single soul out on the water.  While the rest of the folk have their eyes on the mountains you could be sneaking along the banks and slaying trout. Though they aren’t seeing much pressure, the water is gin clear so bring your light tippet (fluorocarbon please) and 9’0″ leaders. Because the depth doesn’t vary much, you are safe with a Palsa Pinch-On Indicator and a #6 or #8 split shot. That’ll get you deep enough to get em… and they aren’t all small fish. The bugs that will trick the fish are all small dark midges in #20 and #22 and a small San Juan in Red or a good ol’ Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail in an #18 will do some work for you as attractors. No need to set the alarm clock early because the water isn’t warming up until 11:00 or so.

Winter Specials On Full Day Float Trips!!!

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We love the Eagle. We love the Upper Colorado… But sometimes you gotta find some new water to explore!
Our float guides have been putting in tine on the Roaring Fork and the results have been STELLAR! Between the fact that you’ll probably be the only boat on the water and the chance at some big fish, there is really no way to pass this up.




Guide School is fast approaching!!!!
Save your seat in class today and come join the Minturn Angler’s family and Colorado’s BEST GUIDE STAFF!!!
Let’s get started working your DREAM JOB!!!


Every year here at Minturn Anglers we get to see the next generation of guides as they begin down the long path. We like to think that our guide school graduates are some of the most well prepared and properly trained guides in the business and we accept nothing less than perfection! 
Now that being said, there is no better job in the world than sharing your passion for the sport with others! If you have been looking for a way to get started guiding then give us a call at the shop and lets talk about getting you on our team! There is no better job than guiding and there is no better fly shop to work for than MINTURN ANGLERS!!!
Week One of Wade Guide School; May 1st – 5th 2017
Week Two of Wade Guide School: May 15th – 19th 2017


Week One of Float Guide School;May 8th – 12th 2017

Week Two of Float Guide School;May 22nd – 26th 2017

Front Range Fishing Reports

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I know you guys probably get tired of hearing this from me and I’m sure there are even some of you that think i’m just exaggerating, but the Platte through Deckers is HOT HOT HOT right now. All these warm days have been doing wonders for the bug activity and that translates to some active fish. There is still no rush to get to the river because mornings are wicked cold and the fish you do find eating will be pretty lethargic until the sun hits the water. 10:30 to 3:30 or so is your best window to be on the water and we have been seeing some daily BWO hatches mid day. Fish aren’t eating off the top but rather in the film so make sure you’ve come prepared with Foam Wing Emergers and Barr’s BWO Emergers in #20s and #22s. Once you see the fish start to look up pinch off all the weight and start working the swing. For attractor patterns drop some midsize Stonefly patterns like a 20 incher or a Prince Nymph in a #14 or #16 and the Red and Pink San Juan has been fooling a few here and there as well. Before and after the BWO hatch find the deep water and stack weight on your line. The river is pretty vacant and the weather aint too bad so get after it!


The Arkansas Tailwater Below Pueblo Res

The Pueblo Tailwater is a winter time favorite for Front Range Anglers and with temperatures that are consistently 10 to 20 degrees warmer than Denver and the opportunity to catch fish on dry flies in mid January its no surprise. Flows are up a little but water clarity is next to perfect so approach the river with some stealth. A light indicator rig will get the rod bent before the bugs start hatching. Some productive lead flies have been Red San Juans in a #16 or #14 with your favorite Midge pattern or small Mayfly Emerger trailing the worm 12 or 16 inches. #20 and #22 Medallion Midges and Red and Black Rojo Midges in the same size were hot in the morning hours. 11:30 or 12:00 was when I noticed the bugs starting to hatch and the fish starting to look up. Double Dry rigs or a Dry Dropper is your best bet to get after them on the surface. #20 and #22 Standard Adams as well as an Olive Vis-A-Dun Baetis tricked fish on the top and larger Chocolate Thunders and Barr’s BWO Emerger worked well as a dropper in #18 tied about 10 inches off the back of your Dry Fly.  

The Blue River  
 Not much new here but that doesn’t mean don’t fish it. A short tailwater will fish like a short tailwater but since we’re between killer snow and Spring Break, the tourist traffic is luckily at a minimum. Plan your fishing for weekdays and bring the typical flies – mysis shrimp, small midges and small beatis… but don’t be afraid to throw a meaty streamer. Sometimes switching it up goes a long ways when all your cohorts are tossin’ the same micropatterns. Comb the banks, keep a low profile, pick the fish you wish to target and work ‘im till you know what he wants to take. Use that knowledge to catch his friends as well. 6x fluorocarbon is a must at this fishery. 

Have a beer… Frank’s buying!


Free beer, tips on where to fish this weekend, and all flies are 50% off.. How could we make Fridays any better?
Fly Shop Friday is a tradition that is about as old as the shop and this year we decided to sweeten the deal by marking all the bugs in the shop down 50% between 4:00 and 6:00 every week!!! Usually you can find a few of Minturn’s guide staff hanging around and bragging about where they’ve been fishing and what they’re catching them on.
Come on down to the shop, fill up your boxes and get some intel on how to slay some trout this weekend!!!



Minturn Anglers weekly fly tying night is a Winter tradition guides and customers alike have grown to LOVE


Tying season is upon us and we are starting up our tying nights the first week of November. Minturn will be holding theirs Wednesday nights from 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m at the Minturn shop. Lone Tree tying night will be held every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m.-8:00p.m. in the shop. Bring your vise and basic materials with you to the shop and tie some bugs and share some stories. The best way to hone your tying skills is by tying with other guys and gals! I learn something new every week and I love the diversity I see in the group. We have some stellar high school kids and a fair mix of all age groups moving up from there with a few Minturn guides here and there. Come hang out. Have a beer and fill those boxes with us! 

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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