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Fishing Reports | Mile High Flats Trips |Troutporn Podcast | Summer Guided Trips


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Vail Valley Fishing Reports 

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Eagle River
Water on the Mighty Eagle is beginning to drop and the Valley is again alive with the buzz of fisherman telling lies and swapping flies. Fishing up Valley around Eagle Vail and Edwards seems to be the hottest spot right now and clarity begins to go away the further down river you get. The bugs you’ll need are Caddis and Yellow Sally’s for sub surface and on top. A Squirmy worm is a tried and true way to get fish in the net so don’t forget to stock up before hitting the water. If you’ve never fished the Jewel of the Valley then get out with one of our guides and let him so you the lay of the land.
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Gore Creek

Gore Creek is up but still has good visibility. The water towards East Vail is sexy and fishing well. Bead head nymphs of any variety should get em as long as they’re deep and your drifts are true. Cascade Village has decent access and hungry fish as well. When in doubt, chuck a small streamer!

Colorado River

The Colorado River is evening out and the fishing is next to perfect. While nymphing with bigger stoneflies is productive the most fun way to get the rod bend it beating the banks with big dry dropper or hopper rigs and streamers. The streamer bite seems to be more stout in the morning and afternoon but hopper are a good way to get after them in-between. A Chubby or an Amy’s Ant dropped with a golden stone will make the fish happy
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Blue River
The Blue is still up and you’re best option for fishing right now is gonna be the tailwater stretch in Silverthorn. Mysis are more productive in the late evening into the nighttime but you can find the fish hanging along the bank eating smaller midges and mayflies for the better part of the day. The most productive flies seemed to be about a 16 soft hackle Pheasant Tail dropped to an Rs2 in a 20 or 22. While the water is a little high still the clarity is next to perfect so you should be able to sight most of your fish. Beat the banks and the seems close to shore as thats where most of the big boys are holding.

Carp’e Diem. Mile High Flats Trips

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The flats boat, the flip flops, tailing fish… Are we sure this is Colorado?  
It’s no secret that salt water destination trips are the stuff a fly fisherman’s dreams usually consist of, but with a full time job and a family not all of us can run away to Belize to chase Bone Fish at the drop of a hat. Getting a Wednesday off to go pole around a reservoir stalking golden bone… a lot more manageable. Minturn Anglers guide Gavin Greely is geared up and ready to go spot some carp from the deck of his Rocky Mountain Flats boat! Give us a call at the Parker shop to talk trip details or if you have any questions! Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience!!!
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TroutPorn Nation!!!

46034-TroutPorn Nation!!!

Steve Segura, Rob “Trout Sniper” Griggs, and Scott Long and their guest Ben Baxter doing a Podcast
If you need a laugh or some good fishing info these are your guys

I love the idea of a Podcast but most of them make me want to hang myself with a carp leader. This is not one of those let me tell you. Steve, Scott, and the Sniper are all real good friends of the shop and a group of absolute sticks as well. Their monthly Podcast for TroutPorn Nation is a must if you’re a serious fisherman with a  serious sense of humor. Topics include the latest and greatest in fly fishing gear, hot spots the guys have been fishing, go to patterns, Robs double life as a Chippendales dancer, and much much more. Give the Podcast a listen or a watch over on the TroutPorn site!!! You won’t be let down!

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Front Range Fishing Reports

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The heat of the Summer days has been dictating the fishy hours down here on the Front Range. With Temps getting as high as they are Deckers is really shining in the first few hours of the day and the last. If you are gonna get out plan to be on the water during one of these times or plan on sweating bullets and working real hard to find those fish as the hot water is pushing them into the deeper stuff where they can find some cover from the hot sun. The PMD hatch is still coming strong so bring your Halfback PMD emergers and some SparkleDuns for the top water action. Fishing a hopper dropped to a PMD pattern has proved productive but you’re going to want to work that water along the banks if you want to chuck some Foam. Swing by the shop if you need some more info!
11 Mile Canyon 
If you want to throw dry flies all day then you really have no better option right now then 11 Mile Canyon. The water down south is still holding crystal clear and the fishing has been heating up day by day. Bring the 6x and the tricos for the morning hatch and as the day starts to warm up you will see some bigger bugs start to pop off and then you can switch to a PMD dry with some sort of midge larva or PMD emerger 12-16 inches off the back. These fish get their fair share of pressure so be mindful of shadows and be delicate with your presentation. If you have any other questions or if you need some bugs come see us at the Parker shop or give us a call at 720-851-4665! >>>>>

The Dream Stream

The Dream has been HOT this last week. Tricos and PMD’s still ruling the roost and the dry fly action has been stellar in the morning. A Size 20 trico dry behind a #16 PMD brought fish in the first few hours and then we switched over to some dirty nymphs and found the fish in the deeper runs along the bends. The upper river, from the weir up to Spinney is where the hot spots seemed to be so Id focus most of your attention there. Sinking a purple worm below a big ol black or olive leech was slaying em in the afternoon hours and hey, if you need a little help getting it dialed in B
ook a guide to show you the ropes down on Platte >>>>>  

Chessman Canyon 

 The canyon is fishing well right now flows are holding around 200 and the water is warming up. Fish are getting happy and beginning to move to eat some bugs. We spent the morning beating the banks with Hopper Dropper rigs, a smaller green Amy’s Ant with a grey Rs2 trailing, and lots of fish came on the Hopper. As the morning wained away we switched to an indicator rig with PMD emergers and smaller trico nymphs trailing. If you aren’t finding fish than you aren’t using enough weight so break out the Split shot or MOJO Mud and get down an dirty with these fish for the middle of the day until you see them moving back up in the water column. 

Summer Trips!

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The weather is hot but i’ll tell you the fishing is even hotter. Water is dropping all over the state and we are dealing with some happy fish no matter where you want to explore.  There is really no better way to cool off here in Sunny Colorado than to get knee deep in a river and why not let us put you on
some fish along the way? Our guides are hungry and 
 at the ready to take you out and put a bend in that rod, Give us a call at the shop with any questions or click the link below to book!!! We can’t wait to fish with ya!
Fly Shop Fridays. FLY HAPPY HOUR

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4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m EVERY FRIDAY
Fly shop Friday’s have always existed down here at the Parker shop, or at least as long as our Guide Frank Curry has been around. It’s always been a time for guys to come in and unwind after the work week and get stoked for the fishing trips to come over the weekend. We have decided to add even more incentive to come hang out on Friday nights with us, as if free beer and good fishing lies weren’t enough, we have decided to add a FLY HAPPY HOUR to the menu. So every Friday before you hit the river come chat with one of our guides and grab some bugs as a steal!
50% OFF ALL FLIES FROM 4:00-6:00
Alaska Steelhead Fall 2016

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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