When the Fishing Itch is Too Strong and the Winter Weather is Too Cold

When the Fishing Itch is Too Strong and the Winter Weather is Too Cold

Turneffe Flats Trip-man fishing - Minturn Anglers fishing destination in wram spots!Sometimes it feels like the winter months are interminably long and cold. I’ve gone through all the latest fly fishing magazines, and watching fishing videos on the internet is simply whetting my appetite to be casting on open water again. I think it’s time for me to have a serious talk with the staff at Minturn Anglers in Denver. I’ve been very satisfied with the professional services provided by their fly fishing guides on local trips so maybe it’s time to trust their advice about out of state excursions in warmer climates.

Minturn Anglers has years of experience arranging fly fishing trips around the world, and have destinations where they return year after year. I know they are always ready to discuss these amazing places and share their experience with me. I also know that Minturn Angler guides are entirely flexible, and can plan anything from a pure fishing trip for a limited budget, to a luxury excursion with the best accommodation, entertainment and dining options. It would be up to me to decide.

From discussions I’ve had at the Denver fly shop, I know that they have arranged fishing trips to the Florida Keys and Mexico. They have managed expeditions to Patagonia and to New Zealand to chase legendary rainbows and trout. A special site is the Durado Cua Lodge in Argentina. Returning clients refer to this as a fisherman’s paradise.  Another favorite Minturn Anglers destination is Turneffe Flats, a premier fly fishing lodge in Belize.  I know there are many other places they can recommend.

The nicest part of a Minturn Anglers excursion is that everything is arranged. The guide will ensure I have all gear I’ll need for the trip, and he will arrange flights, transfers, lodging and meals. I can simply leave all the details to my guide. For me this year at least, this approach is winter fly fishing at is best! All I have to do is make a phone call to start the process.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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