Fishpond Nomad Net Review

Fishpond Nomad Net Review

Nomad carbon fiber fly fishing netsHow do you take the best trout fishing net and make it better? Ask Fishpond
If you haven’t heard yet, Fishpond has recently acquired the new Cadillac in fly fishing nets, Nomad. Nomad nets have a carbon fiber frame with a stealth ghost rubber net. Super light, super strong and ethically better for catch and release trout fishing. These nets are perfect for the Colorado rivers and streams we call home. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths making them perfect for landing trout  from shore or boat whether you are a guide or everyday fisherman.
With the acquisition of Nomad nets, Fishpond has put unique prints on these already stellar fishing nets making them more visually appealing as well as including a hole in the handle for net leashes. Did I mention these nets double as a wading staff? Did I mention they float? These guys have truly thought of everything in creating this “bomb-proof” fly fishing net.

Nets are commonly thought of as a necessary fly fishing tool but one that can be skimped on because they can break, be a nuisance to carry or forgotton/lost easily. Fishpond and Nomad have reinvented the wheel with their nets and made them practically unbreakable, easy to carry and always at your side so you don’t donate yours to the Eagle River.

Check out specs and options online and buy your Nomad net today before they are gone!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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