Fly Fishing Colorado Waters: Fish Where the Fish Are

Fly Fishing Colorado Waters: Fish Where the Fish Are

Duane - Minturn fly fishing guides in Vail valley and Denver front RangeFish where the fish are. That is what my first Minturn Anglers fly fishing guide told me many years ago. He then proceeded to show me exactly what he meant.

Fish Places Offering Cover

This excellent guide helped me begin to develop a fish sense, learning the needs and habits of fish to know where to find them. Fish, like all creatures, like to feel safe. To survive, they will seek out and take advantage of any cover. This could be am undercut bank, a submerged rock ledge, weed, beds, fallen trees, or even shade from an overhanging tree limb. They take advantage of every opportunity, including boat docks and highway bridges. Fish learn to use depth as a cover as well. My guide pointed

out that fish will feed close to cover whenever possible.

Fish Spots Offering Colder Water

The most popular gamefish to catch on a fly, and especially trout, need oxygenated, cold water. A trout’s digestive system and metabolism work in sync with the water temperature. When water is more than 70 degrees, trout will be put off. On the other hand, at temperatures below 50 degrees, they will become dormant and very lethargic. This means the best fishing typically occurs first thing in the morning and late afternoon and evening. In summer when water temperatures rise, I have been advised to fish riffles and runs where the faster running water produces oxygenated water.

In Colorado we are lucky to have an abundance of bottom release tailwater dams. A controlled amount of water is usually released from these dams every day, making for a constant water flow and temperature, and providing for an optimum environment for fish. It has been a pleasure to be introduced to the many Gold Medal fly fishing waters in the Vail Valley and Denver Front Range.

From my first experience with a professional fly fishing guide from Minturn Anglers, and every trip since then, I’ve continued to learn more and more about the art of fly fishing. Thank you Minturn Anglers.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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