Fly Fishing North Park, CO | Encampment, Delaney, Upper North Platte River

Fly Fishing North Park, CO | Encampment, Delaney, Upper North Platte River

The Fly Fishing available in the North Park area of Colorado is one of the truly hidden gems we have near the Colorado & Wyoming Border.  Just outside of Walden, CO is the Headwaters of the North Platte, Delaney Buttes Reservoirs & the Encampment River.

The guides of St. Peters fly shop in Fort Collins, CO spend a lot of time in this area both guiding and fishing on their own time.  This Saturday, Grant Houx owner of St. Petes fly shop will be at Colorado Skies talking to us about the incredible fishing that exists in the North Park Area.

Having spent a lot of time both guiding and fishing with Grant, I can say that I have learned and continue to learn a lot from him.  He is a tell it like it is guy with both his friends as well as his customers and I’ve always appreciated that honesty.  If fishing is so-so or a spot is not worth fishing, he’ll say so.  On the other hand, he’s not afraid to point someone in the right direction if it means the difference between a successful or unsuccessful day on the water.
Those in Attendance of this Free Weekend Seminar Will Learn About….

  • Gear & Fly Selection for North Park
  • Access Points on the Encampment, Upper North Platte and it’s tributaries
  • Prime Times to fish these locations
  • Everything Else You Need to Know about N. Park!

North Park Fly Fishing Presentation Details

Date: Saturday March 10th
Time: 10-11AM
Location: Minturn Anglers

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