Stillwater Fly Fishing Report | Black Lakes, Vail pass Colorado

Stillwater Fly Fishing Report | Black Lakes, Vail pass Colorado

6/26/14-Fishing the Black Lakes on Vail Pass can be rewarding this time of year, with great views of the Gore Range and awesome trout in the lakes.  The Black Lakes is a easy, quick option to get some stillwater fly fishing.

The Black Lakes Area is an Accessible Fishing Gem
The Black Lakes Area is an Accessible Fishing Gem

If you’re coming from the front range or live up in the high country the Black Lakes are a beautiful option for productive still water fishing. There are two large bodies of water that hold some very nice rainbow trout that are hungry for skinny worms such as the floss worm or the San Juan in a size 14-18. using a leech or a woolly bugger in front of the worm should also produce action. If the nymph rig is not working, try stripping streamers with a long cast and a long pause to get it down, and if the fish are there, you should get some really good aggressive strikes.

Here is a link to the Black Lakes via google maps

Black Lakes Campground, Vail, CO 81657,+Vail,+CO+81657/@39.551097,-106.225303,17z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x876a613efb9dd445:0x33d277f7eb11f2a8!2m2!1d-106.225303!2d39.551097!3e0

Using streamers in lakes is one of the most successful ways to still water fish. I like to use beed headed wooly buggers or articulated streamers. The more movement the streamer has the more attention it will get. Start by casting as far into the middle as possible. Then pause for a while, usually count from 15 to 25 and then start to strip. Stripping the line in should not me mechanical, the bait you are imitating is wild and random. Some streamer patterns are described as a wounded or fleeing and need to be replicated with your strip motion. Make sure you bring the file all the way back to you before you recast the fish might be following it and eat right at your feet.


I hope you get to enjoy the fun fishing colorado has to offer and keep in touch to see updates on the awesome  fishing the high country has to offer.


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