Fly Fishing with Kids

Fly Fishing with Kids

Fishing the South Platte River with my daughter Roeyn
Fishing the South Platte River with my daughter Roeyn

Fly fishing with kids can be an enjoyable experience or an absolute nightmare. Here are a few tips to make the experience a good one for you and your kids.

It is all about them

When fly fishing with your kids it is all about them and their experience. Don’t think you are going to get a lot of fishing time in for yourself. This is your time to play the guide. Make it an enjoyable trip for them. If they do not have fun, then they will not want to go with you again. When they are done, then the trip is over, don’t force them to stay longer than they are wanting to stay. Keep that in mind and you are on your way to having a fishing buddy.

Be Prepared

Make sure you are prepared for any situation that may arise. Snacks and drinks are crucial to a good time out with your kids. Bug spray, sunblock, extra clothing, first aid kit and any other items that you would take on a camping trip should be in your gear bag. Keeping your kids comfortable and dry is very important to a fun fishing trip.

Where to Take Your Kids…

The super technical water you like to go to when you fish by yourself is not the place to take your kids fishing, if they are just starting out. Destinations that have lots of eager fish is the place to go. I prefer small streams, beaver ponds or a well stocked lake when I fish with my kids. As their skills develop, then you can go to places where it is a little more difficult to catch fish. The key is to get them excited about fishing and if they are not catching anything then they will lose interest in a hurry.

Kids Fly Fishing Gear

My kids use my gear when we fish. I initially started my kids out with shorter 7 foot rods and found out that it was more difficult for them to fish with. A standard 8 or 9 foot 5 weight is your best bet. They have more reach for easier casting and mending. And when they are fighting a fishing they have more leverage to land it. Check out our selection of kids fly rods for sale online.

Waders are important to keep your kids warm even during the summer. I would not recommend wet wading with kids. In my experience, they end up cold even when the temps are in the 90’s. When buying waders and boots, i would recommend getting a them big and buying neutral colors if you have boys and girls. That way you can pass them down as they grow.

Roeyn with a nice Rainbow trout
Roeyn with a nice Rainbow trout

Those are just a few tips for having an enjoyable day fly fishing on the river, lake or pond with your kids!

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