Redington CT Fly Rod Review

Redington CT Fly Rod Review

You Don’t Have To Be A Veteran To Love A Classic Fly Rod.
The Redington Classic Trout fits like a glove.  Its medium action is great for fly fishermen in high alpine waters throughout Colorado.

gore_creek_CT I am a lifelong fisherman, but I am new to working as a fly fishing guide.  And, I know—firsthand—how intimidating this sport can be to a newcomer.  At least, it was to this newcomer.  Why? Well, it can be expensive, and there are just so many choices with regard to rod and reel, line and tippet, flies, nymphs, weight, what time of day to go, not to go, where fish may be hiding.  These combined variables can overwhelm a “Newbie.”  But, truthfully, you don’t have to be a veteran fly fisherman or a guide to know what just feels right when you find it.  And, friends, I have found a fly rod that feels right without breaking the bank:  The Classic Trout fly rod by Redington.
I needed a fly rod with more flex, something to help me slow down my cast and pay attention to how a fly rod really works. I did some research and decided on the Classic Trout fly rod by Redington. The Classic Trout (CT) is a medium-action rod, so it has more flex for a gentler, slower rod loading and a smoother casting experience.  As a student of fly fishing, I find it to be a great teacher for slowing down a cast without compromising distance; as a guide, I find it a great tool for teaching a beginner the subtleties of a fly rod’s movements.  It is also quite versatile in that it’s got the flexibility to allow for fishing smaller streams and even good-sized rivers.
The CT fly rod has a classic design and is very well-constructed, with components more often found on rods 3X the price:  100% Toray Japanese-graphite blanks, titanium oxide stripping guides, machined aluminum rod seat, and a Grade-A Portuguese cork “cigar” handle. The white, alignment-dots help make rod assembly quick and easy.  The CT also comes with a high quality sock and zipper tube for storage/travel.  This rod looks good, and it just feels good in your hands.
At around $150, The Classic Trout is a versatile fly rod that, if new to the sport, you can grow into and really understand what it is to “load” a rod as well as learn how to use a rod’s flexibility to mend, set the hook and play fish.  And, if you’re an experienced angler looking for a fun, versatile rod, the Classic Trout has enough loading power to roll-cast a three fly nymph rig as well as enough finesse to get your dry flies into technical, pocket water and nail those shorter casts.  Get your hands on one and feel it for yourself.  You won’t want to put it down!


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