Bucktail Fly Tying Material | Streamer Patterns, Selecting Quality Bucktail

Bucktail Fly Tying Material | Streamer Patterns, Selecting Quality Bucktail

Bucktail is the world’s most popular streamer fly tying material popularized by the Clouser Minnow pattern and various other streamer patterns that have spun of the Clouser. When tying with bucktail length of hair is super important, especially when tying clouser minnows for warm and saltwater species.

Tying Instructions Bucktail Fly Tying Material Used in the Clouser Minnow Video

Why Wapsi Provides the Best Bucktail Fly Tying Material

Wapsi starts by using only the finest quality bucktails purchased from the best sources. Since they have been in the fly tying material business for so long, they have identified the best suppliers and have had good long-standing relationships with them. They know that only the best will do, and as a result, we are able to purchase the cream of the crop from Wapsi.

Upon the reception of their bulk stock, wapsi immediately inspects every bucktail and grades it according to its overall size and quality. The bucktails are then fleshed to remove fat and excess oils. Then they are carefully washed in a special solution that removes unwanted oils yet protects and conditions the hair for dying and/or bleaching. The dyeing process requires tremendous precision because every color has its own unique formula for the dye mixture, temperature and immersion. This expertise comes from 60 plus years of experience and is one of the reasons we can maintain color consistency throughout our wide range of materials.

Following the dyeing process, the bucktails are once again washed and further conditioned to remove excess dye and keep them soft and supple. Special care is given during the washing and drying process to insure there is minimal hair loss or damage to the fibers.

After the bucktails have dried and have been at room temperature for a sufficient amount of time they are once again inspected to make sure they have been properly dyed, conditioned, and cared for. If they pass inspection, they are then packaged for sale.

In addition to the production steps mentioned above, Wapsi perform two additional (top secret) processes that help insure that their bucktails remain the best available.

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