Biots & Quills Fly Tying Materials| Goose Biots, Duck, Turkey

Biots & Quills Fly Tying Materials| Goose Biots, Duck, Turkey

Tying Flies Using Biots & Quills Instructional Fly Tying Video

Quills and biots are used for tying a wide variety of both dry flies and nymphs.  For larger flies we prefer to use turkey biots or duck quills because the fiber is longer.  For smaller flies or for biot tails on a copper john  goose biots are great.  You can adjust the way the biot is tied in to make a smooth quill body for a parachute adams or a rib that stands up such as on a number of biot body stonefly nymphs.

Duck Quill is used for wings and tails on many standard wet fly patterns, comes in a package with 2 matched pairs.

Goose Biots, or stripped goose, is a favorite for tails on flies such as the Prince nymph. It is also useful for bodies on spinners, midges, small dry flies, emergers, and nymphs.

Turkey Biots are dyed to match the hatch. These work great for segmented bodies on spinners, dry flies, nymphs, and emergers.

Turkey Wing Quill Use the mottled oak for wings on grasshoppers and muddlers. Also use for wing cases on stoneflies and nymphs. See mottled oak turkey quill for wing case on 20 incher stone fly nymph

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