Grey Reef to Gov. Bridge Fly Fishing | N. Platte Spring Fishing

Grey Reef to Gov. Bridge Fly Fishing | N. Platte Spring Fishing

Grey Reef: Fishing on the upper 13 (Reef-Government Bridge) remains very good to bonkers. On the upper three miles we are throwing eggs as a point fly, red annelids as a middle fly and small SJ’s as the third fly.  Once we get to Ledge Creek we are going big and dirty all the way to Casper.  Crane Flies, trusty rusty’s, and red rope worms.

Miracle Mile: Tons of big fish have moved out of Pathfinder and into the Mile.  The Chalk Bluffs areas has been great for targeting fish in prespawn staging water.  We are fishing eggs, rubberlegs, and worms of various colors and sizes.


April 5th: Drove up from Ft. Collins and arrived in Alcova around 1pm.  BIG wind and water greeted me along with some hefty fish while wade fishing the Afterbay.  Fished two handers with a skagit line swing leeches and vanilla buggers most of the day on a 10 ft. sink tip.  Nothing beets the tug of a hefty Grey Reef fish on a tight line in big water!

April 6: Customers Gary Cordray and Brett Weller were kind enough to come up and be my ginny pigs as I adjusted the higher than normal spring flow. 4,800 CFS is a lot of water and the river is massive.  We floated Reef to Gov. Bridge and picked up fish on the far inside of seems.

April 7th: Did a two boat float Reef to Lusby with Chris Nelson and Cory of Parker.  Grant Houx (owner of St. Petes) guided the other boat and we all managed to keep a bent rod most of the day.  Smaller red annalids in the upper two miles (14-16) was the ticket.  As we prrogressed further down stream fish were willing to eat the bigger annalid in size 6-12.   Red SJ’s will work just fine.  Eggs picked up plenty of fish as well.

April 8th: Grant and I did a fun float in the afterbay.  Plaid around with the two handers quite a bit and fish were once again willing to eat on the swing.  Make sure to cast plenty upstream to allow the sink tip and fly to get down and swing it from strait across to directly down stream of you.  A lot of fish for me were coming on the end of the swing.  Grant also turned the first brown at 23 inches  on an olive streamer.  Nymph fishing was also productive on eggs, and red annalids.

April 9th: Floated Government Bridge to Seacrest with Mark Wilson.  Bigger worms in both rusty and red seam to be the ticket on the lower river

April 10th: Back on the lower section Government-Seascrest with Dave and Carol Peonteck of Elizabeth.  This was Dave’s surprise 64th birthday present and all he asked was to catch 64 inches of trout.  We did that and a little more!  Overall solid fishing and about every weather condition from imaginable.  Luckily the wind laid down a bit for us.  Fun day on the water!

April 11th: Back on the upper today (Reef-lusby) with long time clients Carl Lombardo, Pete Niedecker, Hecky, and Mike.  Gin Choi was guiding the other boat and his crew got off to a quick start.  I was still trying to force the bigger worms on the upper two miles and they weren’t having it today.  The upper two miles (above lunch stop) is definitely all about the red annalid in 16 and smaller.  Below that they were more receptive to the bigger offerings all the way to lusby.  Back at it again tomorrow with the same crew!!/media/set/?set=a.10150162398998791.293509.64723213790

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