Grey Reef Dry Fly Fishing | Hoppers & Tricos on the Reef

Grey Reef Dry Fly Fishing | Hoppers & Tricos on the Reef

We are picking up more and more fish on hoppers everyday, but it still feels like we are a week or two away from full on hopper frenzy.  Amy’s Ant, Chernobyls, and foamulators continue to be the fly of choice for me.   That said, there is a variety of other dry action to be had as well.  The morning trico fishing has been steady on the upper three miles and much of the slackwater spots where we are finding risers on trico is on public water.  No need for a boat as you can easily fish from shore and cast to the risers.  The action is pretty steady from 6:30 to about 10AM.  These fish are starting to get fished to pretty heavily though, so if you aren’t picking up fish I have found it beneficial to drop to 5x.  Parachute adams with a trico spinner behind it has been productive.  The evening caddis hatch is still pretty heavy.  Pearl and Elk with an x2 caddis behind it has been getting the job done.  If you are wade fishing, you can expect to find fish feeding up top on caddis in the same spots you found them eating tricos in the morning. rom 6PM until dark seams to be the big caddis window.

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