Griffin Montana Mongoose Cam Operated Fly Tying Vise Product Review

Griffin Montana Mongoose Cam Operated Fly Tying Vise Product Review

The Griffin Montana Mongoose Cam fly tying vise from Griffin Enterprises a high quality rotary, cam operated vise made here in the United States. The Jaws are made out of tempered steel which makes them very durable for a long service life. These jaws have superior holding power from your smallest midges in size 28 up to your largest saltwater baitfish patterns in 4/0’s. Also the jaws have a fine adjustment screw to really be able to dial in the tension on the jaws.    The cam can be locked either forward or backwards to allow for maximum clearance while tying.

As mentioned above this vise is a rotary vise, which means that it has the capability of rotating a full 360 degrees allowing the tier the ability to see their fly on all sides. The vise has an adjustable fine set screw to allow for the smoothest tension during the rotating of the vise. The delrin block is the smoothest material available for this type of application. Accompanied with a bobbin rest it allows the individual to tie more durable flies and do it faster than ever before. The addition of a longer rotary handle which adds in using the rotary action of the vise.

This vise comes with a great selection of free accessories unlike a lot of other vises out there! It comes with a c-clamp, pedestal base, bobbin cradle, material clip (super nice to help control material!), Supreme Bobbin, Hackle Gauge, and a padded carrying case to travel with.

The sleek design of this vise really allows the tier to be very comfortable at their time behind the vise. Keep this in mind when looking a new vise. This vise will really help any level of tyer to really maximize their time behind the vise. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and will have a long service life.

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