A Guide’s Approach to Fly Fishing in Colorado, specifically the Eagle and Gore

A Guide’s Approach to Fly Fishing in Colorado, specifically the Eagle and Gore

Approaching the waters in the Vail Valley

I believe one of the most common mistakes made by Fly Fishermen and Fly Fisherwomen is in their rush to get into the water and into “that one great spot.”

Now if the Caddis hatch is coming off in carpets or the majestic Salmon Fly hatch looks like something out of the Old Testament, then naturally there’s not a great deal to consider….however on alllll those other days; do yourself and your soul a favor and pause.  Even on the days, when I’ve been looking forward to getting out there on the water and enjoy the companionship of a friend or some delightful solitude, I pause on the bank. Take a moment or two or three and study the river, appreciate the waters:get to know your quarry and their environment.

To often, the over-anxious Angler wants to lay siege to that one juicy hole, that one delicious pocket…..”IT’S MY DAY TO FISH AND BY THE GODS I’M FISHING THAT SPOT!” Negative my wader clad friends, take a deep breathe, plan your course for wading, do not just go to the sweet spot;give yourself a chance to warm up and get your rhythm. Watch for the slightest action on the surface, check for some husks, and one of my favorites; find a spider web ( it’s like Goggling the recent history of the river.) While taking in all the sumptuousness of this riparian setting, rig up slowly, be patient and wait for the water to speak to YOU. It might the subtlest of whisper or an OMG yawp, it will almost alway led you the right way. Now you know what to throw at ’em! So pull up your sweet, new Buff you just got a Minturn Anglers and pull down that awesome, new Minturn Anglers hat and enjoy the day!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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